Technique FUE for hair transplantation

About the process …
There are two surgical methods by which hair can be removed from the patient’s scalp with a technique FUE Hair transplantation or FUT Extracting hair follicles
FUE Is performed by extracting follicular units from the back and sides of the scalp and replanting them in the area affected by hair loss.
It can reproduce the growth of natural hair, as the transplanted hair grows in its natural groups consisting of 1-4 hairs, when it is performed by doctors with high surgical skills and planning for all the general high- tech aesthetic coordination, where it can FUE Achieve improved and undetectable aesthetic results.
FUE Includes a process of Circular incision (0.7 mm – 0.8 mm diameter) around each follicular unit, extracting hair follicles and transplanting them into the bald area of ​​the scalp.
Very fine holes are left in your donor area.
FUE method Enable Doctors can harvest the hair follicles that we need, while ensuring minimal peripheral damage.
Who are the candidates for conducting it…
Can apply FUE on men and women with a pattern of hereditary baldness.
Patients who want to make their hair very short may choose this method because the resulting scars can be less noticeable.

It is also useful when only needs a small portion of hair transplant , such as in the repair of scars caused by previous surgeries, for example, or an eyebrow transplant over the eye .
Those who want to grow beards and suffer from lack of hair in this region, for example.

Prefer to use FUE Also, when someone has had several previous hair transplant surgeries and is no longer able to undergo another procedure of FUT .
The patients who are suffering from disease genetic alopecia.

For for the athletes, who must resume full activity immediately after the procedure.
For patients with excessive fear of pain or scars.

The necessary tests before the operation …
The patient is examined and a complete detailed patient history is taken to avoid any possible complications or if he suffers from a medical condition that interferes with the surgical procedure and requires special medical preparation before the start of the surgery.

Possible complications …
There are not many complications that have been recorded in this technique, as all complications result only from a lack of experience and knowledge of this technique as the technology poses many challenges for new doctors in its practice ..
The complications resulting from the little experience can be summarized as follows ..
Minor scarring in some areas.
It is possible that the surgeon with little experience may have to take hair follicles from some areas that can be affected later by a permanent loss of hair in these areas for life.
Our surgeons and those in charge of these sophisticated and sophisticated surgeries have sufficient experience and full knowledge of the nature and sensitivity of such procedures, and they are well aware of the form and scales of the aesthetic of the public.
From preparing for the process to the recovery stage …
1 – Before the operation:
If you decide to have a FUE transplant to restore lost hair – or to restore delicate eyebrows or beards – talk to the transplant surgeon before the procedure if you need to stop taking some medications until there are no complications , and for all other recommendations to ensure you get the best treatment.
2 – During the operation:
After the patient has washed the hair, we shave the donor area.
This is a very necessary step, which will allow the doctor to distinguish the direction of the follicular units during extraction.
The procedure is almost painless.
The patient is given anesthesia in a way stays conscious by a sedation doctor, so do not feel any pain also remains calm and is fatigued during a long – term procedure.

This is the most accurate stage of the procedure, as proper removal of the hair follicles will determine the result.
Some additional difficulties arise due to the position of the patient, who lies in the flat position during extraction.

The doctor extracts the follicles that are surrounded by sebaceous glands, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues.

The follicular units extracted in the physiological saline solution (due to the fact that they are highly susceptible to dehydration) are then kept at a low temperature and treated under a microscope with extreme caution (due to their extreme sensitivity to damage) by professional technicians and nurses.
The extracted follicles are processed to be suitable for cultivation.

The region in which the planting will take place is determined.
Local anesthesia given in the transplanted area
Under magnification and using 21 needlesG-20G, the doctor creates recipient sites in the bald area of ​​the scalp. Specific criteria are followed in relation to its distribution, size and direction.
In order to simulate normal hair growth and ensure maximum density, the recipient sites should be as small as possible and close to location.
The hair line is designed and created in proportion to the shape of the head and the proportions of the face and other beauty scales depending on the patient’s condition.
3 -After the operation:
After applying the hair follicles, the doctor examines the transplanted area to ensure that all the follicles are properly positioned in the specified locations.
4 – The recovery phase :
At the end of the procedure , the doctor examines the area of the donor and the recipient and provide you with all the necessary instructions after the surgery before returning home.
The next day you should have your first hair wash in the surgical center.
Your doctor will guide you to the rest of the important instructions that must be followed to obtain the best results and to avoid complications.
What is the cost of a process of FUE In Health Laguna ..

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About the integrative services we provide here at Health Laguna ..
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