Smart Eye Lenses

Overview … …
Every human being has a natural lens in his eye, which is transparent and flexible.
With each view far and near, this lens focuses on the visual distance by changing its shape.
In addition to aging, the natural lens in the eye loses its elasticity before becoming unable to change its shape and becomes close to focusing on close vision, and loses its transparency. The matter then develops into cataracts at later ages.
The smart lens and the need for it …
Our inner eye lenses are the ones that can be replaced with new ones after losing their flexibility after the age of 40.
Instead of our normal, deformed lenses, an artificial lens placed called as Smart Lens.
This new lens will now be able to focus on both the far distance and the medium and close distance and will give the person a clear view at all distances.

It helps to predict the risk of developing glaucoma.

Who are the candidates for conducting it?
Anyone over the age of 40 years, suffering from vision problems, far sighted, short sighted or both, and wants to get rid from the glasses forever.

For those patients under the age of 35-40 years, and whose eye examination numbers (indicative and standard index for determining the final decision in treatment) are very high and cannot be corrected by laser, Smart Lens is the right treatment for them.

For any patients who the Lasik eye surgeries are not suitable for them for any reason .
Patients who have undergone eye laser surgery can also choose Smart Lens If they suffer from vision loss or other problems due to lens distortion.

The necessary tests before the operation …
A comprehensive eye examination will be performed .
Eye pressure is checked.
The condition of the retina is examined as well.
Our doctors and specialists review the family history and information about your general health condition and check if you have other health problems that may affect your eyes and the efficacy of the operation.

Tell your doctor about whether about your previous surgeries, eye disease, allergies or infections.
How important is a multi-focus lens?
Smart lenses are permanent lenses that provide clear vision at near, far and medium distances.
The most important feature of smart lenses is their ability to provide visibility in medium distances.

Possible complications …
feeling of dizziness, which subsides later

All are potential, expected, and normal complications that will disappear later.
From preparing for the process to the recovery stage ..
1 – Before the operation:
You are instructed to avoid any possible complications from the surgical procedure .
2 – During the operation:
Each eye undergoes a process that takes about 10 minutes on separate days.
The eye will be anaesthetized through eye drops.
General anesthesia of all kinds is not required in these cases.
Our lenses are the best, highest rated ,made in Germany or USA.
3- After the operation:
The eye is bandaged, the patient returns home, and stays one night with an eye dressing and the bandage is removed from the eye the next day .
The vision correction starts in the same day.
Within a few days, the same process and procedure will be performed on the other eye.
4 – The recovery phase :
You can go back to your normal life a week after the procedure.
Do not do any excessive physical activities for two weeks.
Your doctor will inform you about the regular follow-up appointments to check eyes and the success of the operation.
How much does the smart lens operation cost in Health Laguna?

At Health Laguna we try hard to search for our patients for ideal conditions as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual case. You can request your quotation by writing to us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

About the integrative services we provide here at Health Laguna ..
* Our services are not limited to securing appropriate treatment, but extends to provide free consultancy specialized in each case, and arrange the most appropriate appointments for patients from the reception at the airport to the presence of an interpreter for the duration of treatment.

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