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organ transplant in Turkey
History and overview:
Organ transplantation is not a recent topic in the medical field, but it is as old as the human existence. The ancient Egyptians used dental implants and the Romans took it from them, but what is always talked about in such topics is the successive modern developments and applications every day regarding this field in particular. It develops day by day.
organ transplants have evolved in so – called self – planting in the eighteenth century and the nineteenth and Indians were famous in skin grafting operations.
Moral and humanist argument over organ transplantation ..
The organ transplant process is subject to cultural, legal, ethical and human limitations to allow its transportation, and for this reason researchers and doctors are still sparing no effort to save humanity, although the file of human organ transplantation still a matter of controversy and debate among men of jurisprudence, medicine and law on the extent of its legitimacy.
From this great controversial premise, and due to the importance of this topic, a unified international law on the transplantation of human organs has been prepared.
In a related context, the World Health Organization submitted its report on human organs that may be donated according to humanitarian and ethical pillars.
In sum, the process of donating human organs is permissible in our tolerant Sharia within its clear and specific controls, and that the main starting point of this work, God willing, is to save a human life threatened with death due to organic failure .

The criteria should be in our donor :
the age of the donor should exceed eight teen years and no more than the fifty years .
the weight of a donor should be suitable of where proportional length with weight.
The donor does not suffer from any chronic diseases.
The donor should be an adult, agreeing with his handwriting, and not benefiting from donating in any way.
Donor blood type compatible and similar to blood type of the person who will be had the process of transplantation .

Organ transplantation in Health Laguna:
Health Laguna, through its accredited partners in Turkey and around the world, is one of the leaders in health care, especially in the field of organ transplantation, and offers the best medical treatment plans at affordable prices.

Health Laguna is proud and through its authorized partners in Turkey, as the leading provider for transplantation surgeries in European transplant and the Middle East and other chronic medical conditions, as it offers advanced transplantation programs, with the use of the latest advanced and specialized technology in this area.
The various farming operations provided by Health Laguna:
Kidney and liver transplant.
Bone marrow transplant.
Corneal transplantation.
Pancreas transplantation.
Cochlear implant.
Here, dear patient, dear donor …
Dear donor, make sure that the medical team at Health Laguna will do everything possible to make this medical procedure successful, led by professional medical personnel and on a global level.
Our certified partners annually do more than 800 transplantation surgeries, with a very high success rate.
At Health Laguna, we promise to provide you with a quality and safe service.

Our integrative services in Health Laguna …
– Our services are not limited to providing appropriate treatment, but also ..
Provide free specialized advice for each case.
Arrange the most appropriate appointments for patients from reception at the airport with the presence of an interpreter throughout the treatment period.

Contact us, we will be your best choice.

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