Mangement of Hospitals

Since its establishment, Health Laguna has been working to raise the level of the health sector in the Gulf countries, North Africa and the Middle East, and it adopts the latest technical means in its plans to achieve the best results. The insistence on continuing development and leaping into the world of modernity and technology by adopting a modern method applied globally to ensure the quality and speed of completion of health and medical projects through our certified partners whose experience extends for more than 25 years of excellence in managing the medical facility in Turkey and around the world,

Health Laguna, with its certified partners, undertakes the development, operation and management of healthcare projects including general hospitals, clinics and specialized medical centers in all their stages. Starting from the initial design, through the operation and ending with the complete management of the facility, the company relies in that on the international standards approved by the accredited international medical organizations.

Where the rapid development in medical technologies and sciences imposes the necessity to develop the skill and expertise of all specialized workers in various fields of medical and health professions through continuous education and training, and this is what Health Laguna seeks with its certified partners to establish the work that it undertakes. We provide according to global standards.

Management of hospitals and medical centers

The company is keen on the importance of quality, whether in equipment, equipment or operation. Health Laguna is a pioneer in the field of medical tourism and has served medical projects in Turkey and around the world, as it provides several services, such as:

1- Medical consulting and business development.

Obtaining global medical accreditations.

3. Development of medical performance and quality.

Planning, design and full operation of hospitals and specialized medical centers.
Business development and supervision of implementation and receipt.

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