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About Health resorts in health Laguna
• Since its inception in the year 2005, it has been a prominent brand of care,and recovery, as it is based on a comprehensive approach based on major axes that constitute the effective and distinctive effective strategy of health Laguna, namely:
1. Healthy nutrition
2. Anti-aging and luxury treatments
3. Preventive treatments for chronic diseases and cancer
4. Beauty pampering and treatments
5. Spiritual treatments
Our health resorts Worldwide .
We are located in three different continents around the world, specifically in the three continents of the ancient world, we are working to develop ourselves and expand our presence in many different parts of the world where our institutions are located directly in three locations around the world, they are:

Bodrum in Turkey
Phuket Peninsula, Thailand
Accra, Ghana
There are also a number of agreements of cooperation and understanding with a number of accredited treatment centers, which include in providing health care services for those wishing to treat and recover by treatment protocols used by our institution health Laguna.
How can Our health resorts make a big difference in my life and health?
You probably don’t know that …
Blood poisoning in various ways, which may include daily exposure to things and effects that are transient for us, but in the long run have the greatest impact on our health and wellness.
Recurrent chronic inflammation and its harmful alerts and effects confuse the physiology of the body until you end up with permanent imbalance or damage.
Both septicemia and chronic inflammation are ultimately the root of all major diseases and threaten the overall health of your body.
Our health resorts protocols and programs are designed to enable individuals to adapt well to toxic inputs that cannot be avoided during our activity in daily life and to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle through the living experience and clarify the effects of these inputs, and above all of course the hospitalization that we provide you here Our health resorts To get rid of all the toxins in your body.

The four pillars of our treatment and rehabilitation protocols we have at Our health resorts.

We separate the concept of nutrition from food.

The therapeutic ability to choose proper nutrition is the basic pillar of human health, and the diet must be strengthened, through informed choices.

We at Life Co are always keen to provide many useful nutrients in general in all meals and juices that we provide to our customers during their presence and residence.

Whether you are an athlete or not, everyone needs some physical activities to stimulate the lymphatic system and hormones that contribute to a feeling of happiness and maintain a good mood.
So, sport plays an important role in enjoying a more relaxed and enjoyable mental state, leading to a vibrant life.

Deep purification of your body and mind as well as nutrition linked with the effectiveness and efficiency of your mental activity.
Enjoying a less stressful lifestyle, stress-free and less susceptible to toxins that disturb the mood and body will in turn reflect on the mind and this is what we provide in our hospitality services in all life co resorts.
The environment:
The architecture on which the buildings were designed was mindful of the factors of relaxation, mental clarity, and the charging of spiritual and physical energy as well as mental for individuals.
Our building design helps in a rapid intercession that protects you from the stress of urban life that causes you stress and anxiety.

About our treatment programs and protocols …
1- The most effective detoxification program (ultimate detoxification program)
It consists of a detoxing plan and a healthy diet supplemented by many natural remedies and treatments that speed up the detoxification process.
Remove waste and toxic substances from your body through various channels such as the colon, skin and lungs
This will enable the body to revitalize and start healing from the inside.
With the inclusion of anti-aging and ozone treatment protocols, blood circulation will be oxidized, resulting in …

A much stronger immune system.
Promote liver juices that work to cleanse the liver and increase glutathione flow, which in turn leads to balancing blood sugar levels.
2- Weight loss program
The program contains a plan for detoxification and healthy nutrition, which is supplemented by many natural treatments that accelerate the process of slimming and losing weight.

Removing toxic waste from your body will result in weight loss.

A number of additional physical therapies are also followed such as Venus treatment for body shaping, rhythm matrix treatment, sodium inhaler, yoga.

Walking and other physical activities applied in the program also contribute to muscle stimulation and fat burning, leading to a more fit and slimmer body.
3- Anti-aging program
The anti-aging program in Life Co consists of an intermittent healthy nutrition plan and many natural treatments.
Treatments in turn boost your immune system and help slow the effects of aging caused by metabolic activity.
There are a number of additional treatments being applied such as ozone therapy (IV), lymph drainage, rhythmic matrix and many other treatments.
These treatments contribute to moisture at the cellular level and reduce levels of toxicity, as this will enable your body to work more than it leads to the enhancement of the efficiency of cleansing the blood and internal organs.
4- Liver Support and Enhancement Program
The liver represents the plant of the entire body, where the liver produces hundreds of hormones and essential enzymes at one time. It is the main system for detoxifying the body.
A person can live without a heart for a few minutes but only for a few seconds without a liver.
The liver has two main roles: Detoxification and digestion.
When the liver does not function properly, toxins accumulate at a higher rate and this negatively affects the various organs in the body.
All processed foods and drinks with alcohol that we consume put a burden on the liver, which will take hours to get rid of.
Health Laguna understands the importance of the liver and provides an effective program for liver regeneration.
Other programs .
1- Other detox programs that include six different programs.
2- Program for controlling and controlling diabetes.
3- The health and fitness program for a more active life.

About the benefits of our other treatment programs …
You can find the comprehensive treatment and benefits that you get through the standard treatment protocols for us, as well as the comprehensive tests that we conduct for you to get the best possible service (from here).

What did the international magazines and newspapers say about Our health resorts organization?
Daily Mail:
health resorts detoxification made the process as comfortable as possible, taking it seriously and with a lot of attention, accuracy and specialization in their work.
You can say this through what you see from the professionalism of the staff and of course the positive results that you get after the end of your visit and your stay and the completion of your treatment program for them.
National Geographic:
Being surrounded by unique natural wonders through unique natural landscapes, seas, clear skies and an inspiring atmosphere that inspires psychological comfort while receiving treatment and recovery there at health resorts will make this matter of your journey to better health for you something more wonderful.
health resorts protocols work for your mind and body.

On cooperation and integration between Life Co and Health Laguna.
Health Laguna signed with health resorts joint cooperation and understanding protocols to adopt the unique treatment regimens that Our health resorts offers to its clients.

In this way, Health Laguna provides you with all its facilities that conform to the standard specifications used by health resorts, with all the different treatment services and hospital protocols with the same degree of quality, efficiency, and high professionalism.

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