Eye Diseases

The eye health is necessary for the overall body health. It is not only limited to the vitality of the vision but it is considered as the entrance of the central nervous system and the brain.

Recently there is a clear and significant progress regarding to squint correction and treatment of retinal detachment or what is known among the general public white water, and Turkey is famous for its great progress in eye surgeries, in particular .
In this article, we look at the therapeutic development in some of the most common vision correction operations, namely strabismus and retina correction, as well as cataracts.

Interlaced eyes (strabismus)
Often crossed eyes can be corrected with corrective lenses, eye ligation or surgery in rare cases or in other ways.
It is important to seek treatment immediately to reduce the risk of blindness.

After receiving treatment, monitor the changes in your eyes and your sense of vision.
In some cases, the condition may revert to where it was previously.

If your intersecting eyes are caused by another underlying medical condition, early diagnosis and treatment may help improve your chances of recovery.
Our surgeons here at health Laguna in Turkey have experience and high skills in treating strabismus, and this is attested to by the high recovery rates for the operations performed in our specialized hospitals and centers.

Retinal detachment treatment
A healthy retina is necessary for vision, neurons in the retina detect light as it enters the eye and send signals to the brain that indicate what the eye sees.
If the retina detaches, it can be damaged by the degree that it is no longer working properly.
The result can range from blurred vision to significant loss of vision.
In this case, the retina scales and tears – the light-sensitive layer of the nerve tissue is not present in the back of the eye, where it is far from the underlying supportive tissue, and thus the affected part of the retina is separated from its blood and oxygen supply.

Without treatment, you may experience irreversible vision loss.
Retinal detachment is an urgent medical condition that requires immediate treatment.
The condition usually affects only one eye.

You can learn more about the nature of the case and the diagnosis, confirmatory tests and what happens in the surgical procedure here.

Cataract or white water …
Cataracts are the formation of a cloud or cloud in an eye lens that is usually visible.
For people with cataracts, seeing through cloudy lenses is a little like looking through a cold or misty window.

Cloudy vision caused by cataracts can make it more difficult to read, drive a car (especially at night), or see an expression on a friend’s face.
Most cases of cataracts develop slowly and do not disturb your eyesight early.

Over time, cataracts will ultimately affect your vision and your usual activities, eventually leading you to make the choice of surgery.
Fortunately, cataract surgery is generally a safe and effective procedure.

How much does treatment in Health Laguna cost?
At Health Laguna we try hard to search for our patients for ideal conditions as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual case.
You can request your custom quotation by sending an order, and we will answer you as soon as possible.
About the integrative services we provide here at Health Laguna ..
* Our services are not limited to securing appropriate treatment but extends to provide free consultancy specialized in each case and arrange the most appropriate appointments for the patients from the reception at the airport to the presence of an interpreter for the duration of treatment.

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