Robotics surgery to change the knee and the hip joint

About the process ..
3D robots and modeling are changing the way hip and knee joint surgeries are performed .
Procedure begins – known as robotic arm surgery with the help of robotics Mako – with a simple examination of the CT scans of the hip or knee joint.
The image is then used to build a virtual 3D model , which is loaded into the Maco software system.
The surgeon then uses the system to create a customized plan for the patient’s procedure.
The Maco system allows surgeons to perform more accurate surgery on the total hip and total alternatives to the knee , and is classified as another tool that surgeons can use to help patients recover faster and obtain a better and longer-term alternative .
V Put this technology pre – defined plan to be followed during the surgery and help the surgeons to provide placement and harmonization of more accurate implant according to the treatment plan.

Who are the candidates for conducting it ..?
Individuals with arthritis disease , degenerative Aromato hands , necrosis of blood vessels, and moderate deformity of the knee.
Other advantages of the technology …
The focus is on providing patients with the lowest risks and the least possible complications.
Hip replacement with the help of a robot may provide a variety of benefits including:
Precise positioning of the hip implant , which can reduce the chance of hip dislocation.
More consistency in leg length , which reduces the need for hiking boots.
A more accurate implant position , which may lead to a normal feeling after surgery .
Improve safety and reduce the risk of injury to neighboring tissues .
Small incisions, which can mean rapid recovery, short hospitalization and less pain .
A more natural knee sensation after surgery.
Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.
The possibility of improving the joint function in the long run .

The necessary tests before the operation ..
Surgeons capture digital tomography (CT) To clear your knee , as this data allows surgeons to determine where to place the knee implant.
A complete blood test is done to check on your health and to identify any related problems.
A thorough body examination is performed.
Your complete health history is taken in detail as well as a review if you have an allergic reaction to a particular substance or other things that you suffer from in the short term.
Possible complications …
The pain .
Bone fracture .
Stiff joints .
Hip joint merging .
Poor peripheral neuropathy (nerve) damage .
Impaired blood circulation including deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs)
Urinary system disorders (including kidney failure)
Digestive disorders including paralytic ileus (loss of gastrointestinal motility)
Loss of large amounts of blood.
Changes in blood pressure or heart rhythm.
Bronchopulmonary disorders (including stroke or pneumonia) .
Heart attacks.

From preparing to the procedure to the recovery stage ..
Before the operation:
The patient is assessed for the surgery and the doctor will discuss all appropriate precautions and instructions .
All of this will be determined in advance after the examinations and sufficient time for you before the operation.
During the operation:
In knee replacement surgery, the affected part of the knee is removed and covered with a mixture of plastic and metal parts that form the new surfaces of the knee joint.
During an automated total knee replacement , surgeons use computerized tomography (CT) to build a hypothetical model of the patient’s knee.
Using this model as a guide , the surgeon uses robotic arm to include the new knee precision components.
During total knee replacement surgery , surgeons replace the three parts of the knee.
Total knee replacement is the best option for acute joint inflammation, stiffness or deformity.
During the operation , the surgeon uses robotics arm for the formation of a bone surrounding before placing the implant.
Real-time video images provide visual enhancement , helping surgeons to navigate hard-to-see areas.
Meanwhile , the system uses CT data to create a pre-determined 3D ” stereoscope ” of the space in which the surgeon operates.
The robot arm will only operate in that predetermined space , so there is no chance of a tool slipping and injuring adjacent tissues.
After the operation:
There will be a specific period, depending on your condition, to stay in the hospital, during which the necessary tests will be done for you to check on the success of the operation.
The recovery phase :
Your doctor will guide you on the strategies to extend the life of the implant including activities.
avoid high activity and effort , such as running .
You need to stay healthy.
It is important to closely follow your doctor’s instructions regarding postoperative activity, treatment and follow-up care.
What is the cost of robotic surgery in Health Laguna ..
At Health Laguna we try hard to search for our patients for ideal conditions as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual case. You can request your quotation by writing to us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

About the integrative services we provide here at Health Laguna ..
* Our services are not limited to securing appropriate treatment, but extends to provide free consultancy specialized in each case, and arrange the most appropriate appointments for patients from the reception at the airport to the presence of an interpreter for the duration of treatment.

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