Rhinoplasty is one of the most successful cosmetic surgery operations in the world in recent years. A plastic surgery that helps to coordinate facial features together, improves the appearance of the nose and corrects structural defects in its outer shape. Rhinoplasty does not only help to modify the appearance of the nose and the facial features, but it also improves the breathing process or repair some birth defects or accidents. After the operation, the full size of the nose, limbs, nasal barrier, or breathing openings may be changed. When surgery is performed by a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon, the results of the rhinoplasty process become as possible as expected. Depending on his / her expertise, the surgeon will be able to meet the patient’s needs and reach the expected results.

Who are the candidates for rhinoplasty surgery?

People have different needs for rhinoplasty, but there are certain conditions that must be met prior to rhinoplasty surgery to ensure the results are certain. Candidates for rhinoplasty are:

1. Adults with an integrated nose with age greater than 16 years for females, and greater than 18 years for males.

2. Be a good person away from anemia.

3. A non-smoker, to maintain the results of rhinoplasty after surgery.

4. Persons with positive and realistic expectations that can be implemented with specific objectives.

Important things you should know about the results of rhinoplasty

• Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries, so the weakness of the surgeon’s efficiency can lead to permanent deformities.

• Results of rhinoplasty are permanent results that do not change over time. However, a correction can be made if the patient does not accept the results, but not before six months.

• 100% ideal results for rhinoplasty can not be obtained, but these results can be approached according to the surgeon’s expertise and special skills.

• These surgeries are used to repair some structural defects in the formation of the nose, but the infrastructure can not be completely changed.

• Although the patient is interested in a certain appearance, but the shape of the nose to a particular person may not be appropriate for someone else. Therefore, realistic and acceptable expectations must be developed.

• Be careful that the results of rhinoplasty natural and gives a consistent appearance of facial features.

• Special surgical skills alone do not guarantee optimal results for nasal beautification, but good tissue and quick recovery are also essential to ensure successful rhinoplasty.

• In most cases, the patient suffers from swelling of the nose for several months after surgery. Even with good results, it may seem disappointing at first.

• With the discovery of modern technologies, the results of the rhinoplasty process are more predictable, more accurate, and more effective than ever before.

• The results of rhinoplasty surgery are permanent, but may be affected by some other factors or injuries that affect the shape of the nose.

When will the results of rhinoplasty appear?

Perhaps this is the most common question, which is directed by patients to the surgeon before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. However, the answer is not simple. The nose area may suffer some swelling for long periods after surgery. Unlike other areas of the body, it can last from two months to six months, after which results can be obtained.

What are the results of the expected rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty may cause a significant change in facial appearance. Therefore, some people may feel some frustration after surgery as a result of changing the appearance. At that point, the nose still suffers from mild swelling, which may take up to a whole year to be completely cured.

During the swelling period, there may be some gradual changes in the appearance of the nose until you get the final shape. You should also realize that even with permanent results to change the shape of the nose, it can not delay the effects of aging skin. It is also necessary to follow up with your doctor regularly to maintain the results of rhinoplasty.

Before performing a rhinoplasty, you must remember that facial features are not perfectly ideal in all humans. Therefore, we can not get perfectly perfect results even after performing any cosmetic surgery. But the goal of rhinoplasty surgery is to restore the consistency of facial features and create balance between them.

Basic steps to follow after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery needs to remove some bone or small cartilage, making the healing process take longer. The surgeon may also make small cracks that need healing both internally and externally. Therefore, it is necessary to do some steps after the nose to ensure to obtain the ideal results, namely:

1. Use cold compresses to reduce the effects of swelling around the eye and nose during the first week after surgery.

2. Place a small splint or adhesive tape on the nose to maintain the internal nasal tissue after surgery, while avoiding exposure to water or moisture.

3. Use cotton bandages to stop bleeding inside the nose, as they are removed one day after surgery is completed.

4. No need to keep the patient’s head is brought during the first days after the surgery Rhinoplasty, should also avoid any violent activities such as driving a car, exercise, or other physical activities harsh.

Period of healing rhinoplasty

• First week: After a week of rhinoplasty, the splint is removed. The doctor examines the basic shape of the nose. Also make sure the correct fitting of the nose barrier, the male should be perfectly straight and slightly curved for females.

• Third week: After three weeks, most of the effects of the tumor disappear and the doctor can examine the nose with a barrier bunny nose site. The outer appearance may not be completely clear, but the nose begins to appear normal with all traces of surgery missing. Some may think it looks perfect during that phase, but this is not the final form that the nose will look like when healing is complete.

• After 3 months: After three months of surgery, the swelling rate decreases significantly and the nose begins to take its final appearance.

• After 6 months: After six months of surgery, all swelling completely disappears, and the nasal barrier and the sides of the nose appear in the new situation.

Some factors affect the healing process and the results of rhinoplasty

The process of healing the nose according to the periods shown above in normal cases, but there are some external factors that affect the healing period and the results of surgery, namely:

1. Skin thickness in the nose area, it can prolong the period of swelling.

2. Open nose plastic surgery also increases the period of swelling.

3. Steroid injection can affect the healing process, but only used in certain conditions, it also includes some risk.

Are the results of rhinoplasty permanent?

The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, but may be affected by some other factors or injuries that change the shape of the nose again. After primary tumors disappear within the first few weeks after surgery, it may take up to a year to get the final results. After that, the results become permanent and do not change permanently.

For permanent results of rhinoplasty surgery, doctors recommend that you perform a complete nose. Which means that it is not recommended for adolescents under the age of 16 years for girls, or 18 years for males, the results may change completely with the growth of the nose.

With age, it is possible to observe some gradual changes in facial features especially the nose. But these changes do not affect in any way the results of the process of rhinoplasty.

Maintaining healthy habits and diet while avoiding sun exposure also helps maintain the results of the new nose and appearance.

Does rhinoplasty leave traces after surgery?

The techniques of rhinoplasty surgery vary according to the required modification. In general, however, the effects of the surgery disappear completely within a few weeks after completion. For example, if the nostrils are reduced, it takes only one week for the tailings to disappear.

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