Retinal treatment operations

What is retinal detachment?
Retinal detachment is a serious condition of the eye in which the retina stops receiving oxygen.
If it is not treated quickly, retinal detachment may result in vision loss.
Candidates most vulnerable to retinal detachment.
Acute trauma, such as a tennis ball or hand fist, or penetration injury by means of harmful object to the eye.
Family history.
If the patient suffers from a separation in one eye, it can happen in the second, respectively.
Cataract surgery.

The necessary checks …
Goldman ‘s triple mirror examination(which includes a slit lamp and contact lenses applied to the anesthetized cornea for a few minutes while examining the peripheral retina.)
Ultrasound tomography or visual coherence can be used to assess the type and extent of separation, any associated tears, and any accompanying eye impairment.
CT scans and MRI have a role if there is a suspected tumor or foreign body.

From the process to the recovery stage …
before the operation:
The patient shall be assessed before the date of the operation, and will be given all the necessary information and instructions.
During the process:
Doctors perform three types of eye surgeries for the actual retinal detachment: vitrectomy, scleral sprain, and retinal air treatment.
Vitrectomy is the procedure of removal of blood, scar tissue or object that affecting the retina and then repairing the retina. It is the most common surgery performed to detached retina today.

For many years, there were other basic treatment to detached retina, which involves stitching a piece of plastic in the eye wall. Doctors still use them in many cases today.
In many cases, gas will be placed inside the eye in the vitreous at the end of the surgery.
This gas pushes against the retina to keep it connected while healing occurs.
gas absorbed over a period of days to weeks, and the patient may be asked to put the head in a specific way during this period to maximize the effect of the gas.
Complex or severe retinal detachment may require a more complex process, including membrane removal and scar tissue removal.
There is also laser treatment, which is the most effective and best in terms of results.
After the operation…
Discomfort, redness, swelling and itching in the affected eye are all common and may continue for sometime after the procedure.
These symptoms are usually treated with eye drops.
Blurred vision may last for several months, and you may need to prescribe new glasses.
A double vision may be experienced.
Other possible complications are the reactions of pressure in the eye (glaucoma) , bleeding in the vitreous – inside the retina – or behind the retina , or clouding of the eye lens (cataract,or eyelid drooping.

Recovery stage …
The retina is successfully reconnected in about 85% of cases.
Healing and recovery vary from acceptable stages to completion depending on the age and the degree of the macular separation.
It may take several weeks for vision to improve after the surgery (especially if there is a gas / silicone bubble ).
Treatment of the rupture or separation of the retina with laser therapy or cryotherapy is 95% effective in preventing disease progression.
There are very few patients who have recurrence of separation.
Follow-up is necessary to avoid the occurrence of separation in the other eye and to monitor signs of vitiligo.
There is a failure rate estimated at 5-10% of patients due to the growth of tissue affected and the scar on the surface of the retina in the weeks following process.

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