Plasma Injection

Plasma injection of the face

The age and time goes on indefinitely and no matter how we tried to preserve ourselves and our bodies, the scars of life in our faces and bodies remain a real and unavoidable matter for us. One of the women was afraid of the effects of age and scars in her face and feared that her skin would wrinkle. A strange decision! Was to retire laughter and smile completely for fifty years did not laugh at once for fear of showing them wrinkles.

Perhaps that plan has succeeded with difficulty, but is it worth paying our laughter and happiness to pay for the fear of wrinkles and loss of skin, freshness, glamor, smooth texture, and relaxation in some places, while others swell, lose their whites and pockets in our faces, and can we find other effective ways?

It seems that the decision has been taken on this issue since the plasma nose of the face entered the world of beauty to make a leap and produce results that were never dreamed of by some.

Plasma source

Plasma is not a chemical treatment nor an external source of an unknown substance. Rumors will start circulating around it and people will begin to doubt its specifications and components and produce. Is it better to have a treatment that is guaranteed to you a certainty that is safe from your health because it is your own body that manufactured it?

Plasma is one of the blood components that runs through all of our veins. The blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Transparent blood plasma is a plasma that contains vitamins, minerals and hormones, which is used in the plasma needles used to beautify the face. Your treatment outside of your blood and your veins makes you sure of the safety and safety of the source.

What plasma do for the face

Plasma-rich plasma is used in facial injections and it plays several roles within the skin once it is injected under it. The benefits of plasma come to the face of the platelets, whose primary function is to cure and stimulate the affected tissues to produce new cells. Plasma contains proteins, vitamins and minerals And stimulates the skin and below to produce collagen and help the skin and motivate it to return to its first state and restore the freshness and touch and fill the cavities caused by wrinkles and reduce the appearance and impact on the overall shape of the skin.

With time, the plasma gives amazing results. The skin reappears brightly again, the color differences disappear and the lashes that appear on parts of it. The wrinkles decrease, the skin regains its soft texture and the rich texture of health. The weak skin looks dry and slender as if it is about to rip. Here comes back to her strength and strength again.

Plasma production

The idea of ​​plasma, injecting it and using it in therapy was new, but it was used in the 1970s, but in different medical uses, but it has recently penetrated the world of beauty based on its effect and its good effects in the medical world in general.

Plasma is prepared by withdrawing a sample of blood from the patient itself and adding contraindications to clot because the blood is very clotted and if not added to the material will spoil the sample. We do not need a huge sample, but samples are almost symbolic, and then are placed in special tubes and enter the centrifuge, which works on the mechanism to separate the blood components from each other, and more specifically separating the red and white blood cells in a liquid red viscous thicker than transparent plasma liquid The plasma is then withdrawn and used in the injections, and thus we have the plasma aperture for the face.

Plasma injection of the face

There are many reasons and situations where plasma injections are used including:

1. The effects that appear on the face with age, such as skin drooling, weakness and loss of freshness and smooth touch.

2. Scars in the skin of the face, such as those that remain after treatment of acne, for example, and harassing many with its bad appearance, which leaves the grooves and holes and scars in the skin.

3. Incompatibility of skin texture and color, such as the presence of black or dark circles around the eyes, helps the plasma to get rid of them. It also helps to rid the pockets that are formed in the skin either as a result of aging, fatigue, fatigue, illness or whatever.

4. It has other cosmetic uses, such as the process of supply of lip, highlighting and beautification, and proved plasma effective ability to help the hair to grow so may be used by some in the process of hair transplant and used by others in the cultivation of beard.

You will not find an immediate magic solution after the injection of plasma to the face and will not go out of the injection process, look in the mirror and find yourself got rid of all the defects that I entered them for only thirty minutes, that is far from logic! Plasma needs time to take full treatment so if you want to see the effective results you have to patience and compare in the long term every period will touch the change happened then.

The difference between plasma injection and other substances

Plasma has not found itself alone on the scene without other strong competitors, and some of these competitors have taken advantage of some of the drawbacks and weaknesses of facial plasma treatment and have emerged more superior but the truth is not.

When we compare the method of action of plasma and some other materials, plasma is stimulated and cooperates with the skin and tissue to come out with the desired result as we said earlier, while those substances that are used in the same way by injecting under the skin and for the same purpose have another thread at work It does not interfere with the work of tissue and do not approach them, but only works to fill the existing cavities because of wrinkles or treatment of scars and sinuses and try to make the skin level by filling the cavities in it.

While these materials have a solid or semi-solid strength to be able to stabilize and stabilize the skin, the plasma has a liquid texture, which makes it certainly better in terms of texture, and the fact that it is liquid that is able to access places and cavities do not reach other solids easily.

Another difference will make you think of it more than once. Plasma is a long-term solution. It affects the skin long and makes the tissues stimulated for work and production. The effect increases and the results show better and better over time, while the other materials are temporary and their duration is short. Strange or insignificant, which makes you forced to inject them once every few months, and of course there is no need to mention the fact that over time less effective influence gradually and the face of the old case.

Some people take advantage of the advantages of the two mixing and injecting together, it gets the immediate and rapid effect, while plasma gives the opportunity to work calmly and produce gradual improvement of the skin, so as time progresses disappear other substances but does not disappear the effect because the results of good plasma began to appear and will last.

Plasma injection damage to the face

The use of plasma injections to the face has not been seriously and seriously damaged until now. It is only minor and potential effects that quickly disappear with some important precautions. In the case of injections and in order to reach the best benefits of plasma to the face do not affect the skin by external factors such as the use of creams and peels and others, give the skin rest and let it calm down.

Another important thing is to examine the blood of the patient himself before injecting plasma to make sure that it is free from diseases and viruses because its highness may cause him disease and infection and instead of the treatment of facial skin will increase the injection worse and show a new problem.

In some cases, plasma injection alone may not be successful, such as severe relaxation in the skin where the skin needs a face lift with plasma injection.

The other effects are very simple, such as swelling or simple redness in the skin where the injection and disappears alone after several days and rest, and the slow appearance of the results one of the disadvantages that bother the users do not show the results to several weeks or a month of injection, 3 sessions between each session and another two months but then you will not need to hold any meetings again.

How do you prepare to undergo plasma injections for the face?

You do not need specific preparations before you inject plasma face only if you use moisturizers and lotions on the skin of your face stop a while before, do not put powders or creams or lightening or moisturizing or even subject your skin to various creams and creams and other before the operation, And washed only well.

Do not worry and ask your doctor what questions you want to get your heart relaxed and ask him to make you aware of all the information just to feel comfortable.

Who will choose to inject plasma to your face?

Among the countries of the world, it is clear that the most famous doctors who do facial facelift injections of plasma face in Germany and France significantly, but many doctors in many other countries are doing the process.

Look for a doctor who is comfortable and confident in his work and heard about his achievements and wonderful results in this regard addressed to him and the son of your decision at your convenience and mutual trust between you and your doctor after his efficiency.

Other uses of plasma

Plasma is not limited to the world of beauty only, as we have found the treatment of plasma injection for himself a large area in various aspects of medical life, the plasma can be used directly in the blood injection in some cases, liver diseases or open heart surgery and liver transplant, especially because it contains the aid of clotting and stimulating vitamins It also compensates for the loss of blood during bleeding.

They can also be used as topical injectors to treat tissue rupture such as rupture of the ligaments of the knee. It is one of the most common cases in which platelet plasma is used to help the tissues to dangle and cure and restore its strength and function quickly. Plasma injection finds itself in various medical fields such as orthopedic treatment, sports medicine, Dentistry, neurology, cardiology, and even veterinary medicine.

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