Liver transplantation in Health Laguna

A look at the liver and its most important functions:
The liver is the largest organ of the human body. Its weight ranges from 1200 to 1500 grams. It is located in the upper right side of the abdomen.
It receives blood from the hepatic artery and portal vein and then moves from it to the inferior vena cava to flow into the heart. It consists of several lobes but can be divided into two lobes: right and left.
The liver is the body’s plant and detoxification center. Here we mention some of its main functions:
It treats nutrients, medications and hormones
It produces the yellow juice that is important for the digestion and absorption of fats, vitamins and cholesterol
Production of fibrin and proteins that help blood clot and stop bleeding
Removing germs and toxins from the blood
Prevention of infections and regulation of the immune response

Cirrhosis …
One of the most common and important causes of liver transplantation is cirrhosis:
The causes of fibrosis are numerous, but the symptoms are similar. When fibrosis occurs, healthy liver cells are replaced by fibers, which leads to a change in the shape of the liver and its failure to perform its normal functions.
The fibrosis also hinders the liver from receiving blood coming from the portal vein, which leads to an increase in blood pressure in the portal vein and then in the veins connected to it, including the esophageal veins, causing the esophageal varices, and then the oozing.
Also, the increased pressure in the portal vein causes fluid to leak into the abdomen, which causes ascites. A change in the patient’s mental state and fainting may occur due to the inability of the liver to purify the blood from toxins.
About liver transplantation …
It is one of the most complex surgeries, but for many patients hoping to start a new healthy life .
Where the damaged and malfunctioning liver (failure) is removed and healthy liver transplanted from a deceased donor or a part of a living donor’s liver .

Our liver transplant at Health Laguna
Our distinguished and expert team from various sub-medical specialties is under one roof to take care of you and measures are taken after discussing your case extensively and setting dates. The team meets important characteristics such as .. :
The coordination for care: the team will discuss about your condition and case to determine what is the best for you.
The experience of the medical team: Health Laguna and through accredited partners has one of the largest programs for liver transplantation in Europe and the Middle East. Its team is one of the most experienced teams on both the national and international levels to provide comprehensive specialized treatment for liver patients where the cultivation of approximately 271 liver transplants annually and the success is around 90%.
Using the latest technology : medical staff provides specialized procedures that are available in a small number of hospitals around the world .These services include liver transplant surgery and treatment of bile duct cancer.
Turkey attained a global achievement in liver transplantation. It came in the 5th place in 2019.

before liver transplant …
The purpose of this article is to introduce the patient and his family to the liver transplant program in Health Laguna and through its accredited partners where the attending physician will refer you to the liver transplant program because you have an advanced liver disease that may be treated with transplantation.
In this article, we will give you some information to help you understand the liver transplant process, which will help you in making the final decision.
Liver transplant is not appropriate for all the patients , as it is the process of replacing the affected liver with a new one. It gives the patient a longer life and better health , but this requires a lifetime attention to the patient ‘s treatment and follow – up and full cooperation with the transplant team members , so the transplanted organ continues to function and avoids transplant failure or rejection .
The source of the alternative liver
Deceased brain donor: is obtained from the liver of people who have proven that they had brain death after taking the consent of their relatives.
Live donor: The doctor removes part of the liver, usually the right lobe
The most important conditions that must be met in the donor:
Age is not more than 60 and not less than 18 years.
case of the donor should be stable in intensive care.
Not to have any known liver disease.
Not have any malignant tumor.
Have the same blood type of the patient.
Not obese.
He is not infected with any acute or chronic bacterial infections.
Who are members of the liver transplant team?
Liver Diseases Consultant.
Consultant transplant in liver.
Coordinator of the Department of Organ Transplantation.
A psychologist.
Social specialist.

Pre-cultivation evaluation: –
The patient’s medical file is thoroughly reviewed by the liver transplant team to see if the transplantation is the patient’s best option.
It is necessary to know that the decision about the liver transplant can only be made after the assessment of the liver transplant team, though our ultimate goal in the Health Laguna is to maintain your high health state .
Tests necessary and required to take place before the operation:
Chest x-ray and liver x-ray.
Bone density measurement and detailed blood tests.
Urine analysis.
Full dental examination.
Echocardiography with ultrasound.
Tuberculosis examination and endoscopic work of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and large intestine.

The pre-operation phase and your entry into the operating room …
Your medical history will be taken and examined by a doctor.
You will have chest x-ray and blood and urine tests.
A nourishing solution will be given to you.
You will be asked to sign an approval to perform the operation.
Finally, you will be moved to the operating room.
The stage of the operation and what happens during the procedure.
After you are transferred to the operating room, you will be fully anesthetized by an anesthesia consultant. Then the operation will start in two parts:
Part one: remove the affected liver.
Part II : putting the new liver and attaching a portal vein, the vein cava inferior, hepatic artery, and bile duct.
Part of the live donor liver will be taken either to the right or left lobe. The process takes between 6-8 hours on average.
The post-operation stage …
You will be transferred to the ICU for at least 24 hours, during which you will be given antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs.
You will be provided with a tube to help you breathe, and it will be removed after you wake up and become able to breathe completely without the help of the devices.
After that, you will be transferred to the general ward of the hospital after approximately 48 to 72 hours and 3 drainage tubes will be inserted from the abdominal cavity. They will be removed after a week of the operation.
You will be asked to perform deep breathing exercises or use a spirometer to activate the work of the lungs.
Specialist will help you to do some exercises that will help you you to move.
You can move gradually and the medical staff will help you in this which is important to improve the blood circulation and to avoid any other medical problems.

You may feel some numbness at the site of the procedure. This is normal.
Your doctor may order a liver biopsy when he suspects the body will reject the transplanted organ
The stage of recovery and follow-up after surgery.
The follow-up after the discharge from the hospital in the first months is critical to avoid rejection and infection.
Also, it is necessary to be close to the hospital, so that you can come to the hospital quickly, there will be many visits to the clinic and frequent checks that may reach 3 times a week.

Important things to follow at home:
You will stay in the hospital for 10-14 days after the procedure. When you leave, some important points will be clarified to you:
Symptoms of inflammation and rejection.
How to change the wound dressing.
The time and the dose of the medicine.
How to take care of your health after the operation.
Next appointment with the doctor.
You will be prompted to the do the followings:
Eat balanced food and avoid being obese.
Exercising regularly.
Never smoke.
If you are going to travel, inform the liver transplant team and ensure that the amount of medication you have will cover the period of your travel . Take a medical report with you.

Avoid excessive sun exposure .
Not to perform any violent exercises, especially in the first six months after the operation, and avoid carrying heavy objects that weigh more than five kilograms for a period of three months.
Work can be resumed after 9 months from the transplant.

What is the cost of liver transplant in Health Laguna ..
At Health Laguna we try hard to search for our patients for ideal conditions as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual case. You can request your quotation by writing to us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

About the integrative services we provide here at Health Laguna ..
* Our services are not limited to securing appropriate treatment, but extends to provide free consultancy specialized in each case, and arrange the most appropriate appointments for patients from the reception at the airport to the presence of an interpreter for the duration of treatment.

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