Some of us wish to wake up from his sleep to find the accumulated fat in his body has gone down forever, perhaps you have followed a diet or exercised but you have not been able to rid the body of accumulated fat.

The fatty tissue beneath the skin is important as an energy stock. It acts as a protective layer that protects the body and maintains its temperature against external conditions. Sometimes, however, the fatty tissue causes some diseases, or the fat accumulates under the skin in an unhealthy way.

The genes of the individual play a role in determining where the fat collects inside the body and, as expected, diet and exercise may succeed in removing us from fat in general and not from a specific place in the body.

Is there a solution to get rid of fat surgically? Can we suction excess fat from the body quickly and safely? What about the side effects of this surgical intervention? How much is the physical cost of such an operation? Do their expected results deserve the time and effort spent? What are the conditions that require liposuction? How do we start and choose to do this?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove the fat collected under the skin when diet and exercise do not succeed in getting rid of them. In this article we will answer these questions, taking into account that the article does not dispense with the request for specialized medical advice.

Who is the liposuction?

It is important to know that liposuction is not a process of weight loss, but is aimed at removing the fat collected in a specific area of ​​the body, so the best beneficiary is the person near the ideal weight before the operation.

Although the process often succeeds in improving the shape of the body in all cases, it is preferred that your body mass index does not exceed 30 (body mass index (BMI) is the mass of body mass in kilograms per square meter body length), and the more Your skin is in good condition and free of dilution whenever you are a suitable candidate for liposuction.

When will I recover after liposuction?

The feeling of some pain is normal after the operation, especially in the first two days, where you will need to be prescribed a medicine home, and the pain is removed after weeks or months depending on the amount of fat impregnated, but it is not usual to be severe pain, and if you feel that the pain is unlikely to continue with The surgeon to take the necessary action.

If the amount of fat that has been suctioned in the process is low, you may not need to be cut off from your work and routine more than a few days, but the usual advice to take a week of rest.

Some swelling may last for weeks and therefore do not rush to judge the outcome of the process, although you will see partial improvement immediately but most people see complete improvement after 6 months.

How is liposuction done? What are their different techniques?

The procedure is performed by inserting a specialized doctor into thin tubes known as subcutaneous “cannioles or vials”. With a deliberate movement, the fat is removed and then suctioned with a syringe or a surgical vacuum.

Irrespective of old procedures such as dry liposuction, which are not currently safe, the newer trend is the so-called “third-generation liposuction,” which relies on injecting a diluted saline solution to help the fat cells bloom and Then explode in preparation for suction.

This procedure is called “Tumescent Liposuction”. The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia by injection of topical lidocaine and adrenaline. Oral sedative may be administered. Total anesthesia is used only in a few cases. Bleeding that may accompany the suction of large amounts of fat.

For example, a surgeon may use ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) technology or a technique called vaser Liposuction, also called LipoSelection, .

Laser liposuction can also be performed. The surgeon uses laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) technology.

The choice of technique depends on the experience of the surgeon who assesses your condition and how appropriate the technique is for you, whether laser liposuction is possible or not. The proportion of fat to be suction is medically determined and calculated based on your body weight. About 4-5% of body weight.

What are the side effects? What are the complications of liposuction?

With the development in the medical field, the process of liposuction of safe operations as long as it was done by a specialist with experience in liposuction, so we have in the health of Laguna to contract with the best surgeons in this area to bring you the link in the easiest and secure methods possible.

Some side effects may occur after liposuction

• Potential pain, which is treated by analgesic drugs.

• Some swelling in the operation area.

• Variation in skin color or appearance of scars.

What should be discussed with the surgeon before liposuction?

The surgeon should discuss the expected outcomes of the procedure, as the clearer the expected results before the actual implementation, the more satisfied you will be with the results afterwards.

The essential point you will discuss with your surgeon is how much you need the procedure, whether lipid can be removed by other non-surgical means, how laser liposuction is possible, and whether the heat from laser liposuction can affect the body’s organs.

She will also tell him about any medications or health condition she suffers from, especially heart disease, blood pressure and respiratory problems.

If you have diabetes, you should control your blood sugar. You should tell your doctor to determine the appropriate treatment for your condition. You should tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medications, especially if the allergies of the usual lidocaine or adrenaline are injected for anesthesia. Topical.

How do I prepare myself before laser liposuction?

As you mentioned before, the goal of the process is not just weight loss, but you have to reach or near your ideal weight before the operation. You should enjoy a good condition for your skin in terms of elasticity and, if possible, And follow his instructions on the day of the operation and the night before.

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