Kidney transplant

overview ..
kidney may be out of work for many reasons, and a person’s life becomes difficult and toxins accumulate in his body, which may herald the failure of the rest of the organs or the loss of life.
From here comes the role of donating a kidney to rescue someone ‘s life .
The donor is the jewel that receives attention and care for its safety in the first place and to the same extent that we seek patient comfort and recovery after the transplantation of the kidney.
About kidney transplantation …
Kidney transplantation is the proper transfer or transplantation of the healthy kidney from the body of the donor to the body of the person who suffers from renal failure.
The kidney filters waste from the blood and turns it into urine.
In case that kidney loses this ability and become glomerular, filtration becomes with very low rate and thus becomes unable to get rid the body of toxins.
Toxins can accumulate then threats the body and may even lead to death. This impairment of the kidney function is related to the final stage or the so-called renal failure.

The candidates for kidney transplantation …
Surgical intervention and kidney transplantation are the best option for treatment if the kidney failure has reached the final stage (Fifth), Whether this patient is on dialysis or in the proactive phase (significant impairment in the kidneys, but not on dialysis).
The necessary tests to determine the kidney transplant.
To decide whether you are legible for an organ transplant, you must first have an evaluation to decide whether you should perform the transplant or not.
This step helps to decide if the organ transplantation is the right procedure for your health.
During the evaluation, you will meet several members of the transplant team, including physicians and surgeons, social specialist, nutrition, and others.
You will also meet with an organ transplant coordinator who will assist you during the evaluation process.
During your evaluation, you are required to perform a series of medical examinations.
After completing your evaluation, your health status and history will be submitted to the Organ Transplant Committee to determine the last procedure, which is the appointment of the kidney transplant.

Kidney transplantation in Health Laguna …
One of the biggest successes that we pride ourselves in Health Laguna is the kidney transplant, where more than 1500 kidney transplant operations have been done by our accredited partners with success rates of 98%, where each integrated transplant team is supervised by a medical consultant specializing in nephrology, a urologist surgery consultant, a vascular surgery consultant, a nursing team specializing in the follow-up of kidney transplant patients, and a psychological and social specialist. Everyone works hand in hand to ensure the best results before and during the process and in the healing stages after the operation.

The medical team specialized in kidney transplantation with all its components deals with these cases with high professionalism, realizing that this process is based on saving the life of the patient, in the first place and improving the quality of his life in the second place as it eliminates the exhausting dialysis process, and accordingly, the kidney transplant patients are given the utmost importance and close monitoring to come up with the results Required.
Medical examinations include the following:
Laboratory tests: including blood and urine, immunology (tissue type HLA / PRA) and others.
Making necessary radiology: such as ultrasound, CT scan, and others.
General heart health screening to determine the health of your heart system and blood vessels: such as Echocardiography or more interventional examinations for specific patients.
Public health examination: including routine cancer screening and other such as endoscopy, to evaluate a comprehensive examination of gynecological diseases and other tests.

The cost of kidney transplant in Health Laguna
The cost of kidney transplantation in Turkey starts from (25,000 USD) However, the cost varies depending on many factors:
The number and type of compatibility tests conducted between the donor and the patient.
The total period of stay in the hospital.
The number of days spent in the intensive care unit.
The cost of dialysis (if necessary).
Post-surgery visits for follow-up care.
At Health Laguna, we are keen to set an approximate cost for each case in which we rely on a medical evaluation of the condition.

The stage of convalescence and after the kidney transplant:
❖ The patient will be put under medical supervision by the specialized medical staff, to prevent any complications. The new kidney will produce the urine as a normal original kidney , and this function often begins immediately. In other cases, it takes few days , and the patient should be expected to have some ulcers or the pain around the incision placement during the period of recovery.

❖ The patient will be subjected to more frequent checks during the recovery journey after the patient’s discharge from the hospital, and he should be subjected to strict follow-up for several weeks.

❖ Your transplant team will prepare a schedule for your specific procedures of routine check – ups, and during these periods, if you live in a different country, you may need to stay close to the transplant center.

❖ The patient will have to take some immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of his life after the kidney transplant, as these drugs help prevent your immune system from attacking your new kidney.

❖ Other drugs help to reduce the risk of other complications, such as infection, after a kidney transplant.
The expected results after kidney transplantation.
After successful kidney transplant, the new kidney will purify the blood in such a way that you do not need to have dialysis again. To prevent your body from rejecting the donated kidney, you must take medications to suppress your immune system for life.
Our integrative services in Health Laguna ..
* Our services are not limited to securing appropriate treatment but extends to provide free consultancy specialized in each case and arrange the most appropriate medical plans for the patients from the reception at the airport to the presence of an interpreter for the duration of treatment .

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