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Facial Treatments

• Treatment of laser cracks

With the onset of aging must be cracks one of the signs that reveal the arrival of our skin advanced age where cracks begin to spread in many areas of the body and face, especially in the region around the eyes and here begins to think about the treatment by which we can hide those cracks, Health Laguna has contracted the best hospitals that offer laser cutting techniques without risk, using well thought out and harmless wavelengths used by specialists and specific areas of skin without exposure to sensitive areas. Results will not take long to start, Be sure to start watching results.

• Enlargement of the lips

One of the features of beauty is the large lips, which led to many women, especially those who have basically thin lips due to genetic causes of congenital, or because of misconduct in their lives such as smoking, and age will create a lot of wrinkles and lines on Lips are therefore thought to be how to get beautiful, full lips. Health Laguna has provided you with the contract of the best hospitals and clinics in Turkey for lip augmentation. It relies on the latest liposuction technology from other areas of To the body and then injected in the lips and get full of beautiful appearance.

• Eyelid tightening

The eyelids are one of the largest manifestations of age, as the eyelids are thin areas of the skin and the fastest prone to sagging, and therefore quickly look the face in a large age and in the case of pale but not today, as you can get eyelids tight and beautiful appearance Through eyelid lasers, or through minor surgeries under the influence of a local anesthetic to get lifelike clenched eyelids.

• Face Lift Balmizo:

It is a group of vitamins that are injected under the skin in the face or hair. It works mainly as a rejuvenating and healing part of the skin problems. It helps the cells to regenerate and rejuvenate. Therefore, a lot of vitality and beauty will be obtained through this advanced technique.

• Buttock augmentation operations:

One of the most popular cosmetic operations in Turkey is the process of enlarging the buttocks, which is one of the common manifestations of fashion as well as one of the processes that are done for women and men in order to get that balance balanced and ideal which makes your movement better and addresses many of the problems related to balancing muscles Body, and Laguna Health contracted to the best centers that perform butt enlarging operations with a success rate of up to 100%.

• Tummy Tuck:

After birth, or even after the large-scale dilatation operations around the world, these operations must be accompanied by a kind of abdominal slouch, as excessive amounts of skin will appear in the abdomen, because the skin may have expanded according to need for women Who have given birth, or the obese people who have undergone the process of slimming, and therefore the skin from the inside needs to conform to the amounts of skin appropriate to cover, and cosmetic tummy tuck under general anesthesia, and mainly through the section is done in the lower abdominal area transverse , And then connect the area under the skin in the abdomen The upper flap with the skin area at the lower end is in a cosmetic way. Hospitals and approved centers use cosmetic surgical thread that dissolves after a short period of operation and leaves no trace of surgery. Pre-operation examinations, post-operative consultation and follow-up will be present when you decide to conduct Operation within the center.

• Laser liposuction:

Is one of the most recent surgeries that remove the accumulated amounts of fat in places such as the thighs, abdomen and the sides of the abdomen as well as can be performed in the area of ​​the thighs or breasts.

Laser liposuction is one of the most advanced techniques for liposuction using surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia. Using laser, this procedure can be performed under the influence of local anesthesia and laser is applied. Our accredited centers and hospitals perform laser liposuction With the use of very accurate laser devices and wavelengths that can melt fat within the precise area without any side damage and with the hands of specialists in laser cosmetic work, after the process you can immediately after the process to go to your work This is done for women after pregnancy and delivery, and to reduce the buttocks or even the breast, and it is conducted in the event of a hernia within the area of ​​the umbilicus and get an extension of the skin and then filled The subcutaneous area is fat.

• Botox injection:

Botox injection is one of the first techniques of plastic surgery and the most popular cosmetic surgery in Turkey, which many people find comfortable because of the rapid aesthetic results. Perhaps the famous personalities, the program providers and the workers in the technical center have mostly resorted to this technique, which gained a lot of confidence among people That the results that were shown in the long term reviewed this technique, where many cosmetic operations that gave good results at the outset reached the extent of congenital deformities in the face later, and here appears the role of the cosmetic center you resort to and the extent of Botox injections, our approved centers in Turkey that perform Botox injections in the face. Botox is used in bacterial operations. Botox is mainly injected into the famous wrinkles within the face and between the eyebrows in the forehead. As well as the area at the edges of the eyes and the area below the lower jaw, and the specialist doctor within the center injecting the material through a needle injection head with accurate dimensions and specific Botox placed in the area under the skin to give a layer of gel prevent the skin from shrinkage as that layer is not linked to the nervous tension of fiber Z The process of injection of Botox is preferred because it is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, and has no serious side effects, if performed by an expert center. The minor effects are limited to redness Simple at the injection site and some small bleeding where the injection takes place within 10 minutes.

Botox injections have been developed and include botox injections in sensitive areas such as eyelids requiring high skill to ensure their success. Botox injections are also commonplace in order to achieve two goals:

first to hide age-related wrinkles and the second to get large lips .

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