Cochlear implant

The importance and effect of cochlear implantation
Hearing involves more than recognizing sounds but also – what we listen to affects our ability to learn and how we perceive the world around us.
For adults, severe hearing loss may affect their social interaction, job performance, and general health.

For young children, severe hearing loss can hinder the natural growth path of their linguistic and social skills.
Cochlear implants are a way to treat people with deafness or hearing loss.

Cochlear implant helps to treat children and adults with severe hearing impairment, as it is surgically inserted to stimulate the auditory nerve to receive sounds.
Early detection of hearing impairment in children is of great importance, the more the child received treatment at an early stage, the more his life better, as would delays in receiving treatment in its development impact on the social level and the level of speech.

The expert team at Health Laguna and its accredited partners will conduct a hearing assessment of your child if you are concerned.
Candidates for cochlear implants
cultivate Cochlear helps
People with hearing impairment or moderate or severe hearing impairment.
People who have little or no benefit from headphones.
People who get 50% or less on tests to understand the sentences the audiologist performs in the ear for which the implant is to be performed.
People who get 60% or less in tests to understand the sentences made by audiologists in the ear that do not want implantation, or in both ears, using headphones.
Many people have cochlear implants in both ears (bilateral implantation) , listening with both ears can improve an individual’s ability to determine the direction of sound and distinguish between sounds that you want to hear and those that you do not want to hear. .
About the cochlea
The cochlea is a small electronic device that stimulates the (auditory) nerve.
This implant includes two external and internal parts, attaches the outer part behind the ear and picks up sounds through a loudspeaker, then processes the sound and transmits it to the inner part.
The cochlea can help individuals with hearing impairment restore or improve their hearing and speech comprehension.

The cochlea differs from the earpiece that makes the sounds louder but does not improve the process of understanding speech tangibly.
If you or one of your loved ones finds it very difficult to understand speech, even using properly installed earphones, you should consider the cochlea.
This cochlear will increase children’s hearing ability as soon as the device is properly adjusted and rehabilitation therapy begins.
From preparing for the surgical procedure to the recovery stage …
Preparing for treatment
Your appointments will be scheduled, and you will be thoroughly evaluated by a hearing and speech specialist.
You will also see a surgical consultant to discuss the post-operative care method you need.
The process stage
cochlear implants surgery is conducted in the hospital and take between two to four hours, and will be under general anesthesia.

The surgeon begins implanting electrodes inside the cochlea, and then an electronic device known as the “receiver” is placed under the skin behind the ear, so that it is attached to the skull.

Surgical incisions are closed, and you will be taken to the hospitalization area for close observation.
Healthcare provided after cochlear implant and preventive care
Post-operation phase
After performing the procedure, you will learn how to care for surgical incisions, how to change bandages and care for surgical sutures.
It is possible to wash your ear as usual after a day or two. You are scheduled to follow up approximately one week after surgery, or when the device is activated, to check for surgical incisions and remove strings.

Although cochlear implants are a safe surgery, you may feel some pain, some discharge from your ear, or a high temperature after the surgery.
If this occurs, inform the medical team directly.
Recovery stage
You will have enough time to recover after the initial surgery, and before turning on or activating the implanted device.
After approximately four to six weeks of surgery, the outer parts of the artificial cochlear implant will include a loudspeaker and a speech processor.
The speech processor will be programmed and activated, prompting the internal system to stimulate the auditory nerve in response to sounds.

You will learn how to use and care for the implanted device, and you may need to return to the hospital several times to adjust it.
It takes several visits to fine-tune the device.
It takes you some time to learn how to use the implanted cochlea and you may need additional help from a speech and language specialist and podiatrist. We at Health Laguna will be keen to serve you and provide all amenities for you and your family.
The cost of implanting the inner ear with Health Laguna
At Health Laguna we try hard to search for our patients for the ideal conditions as well as for hospitals and medical centers of high quality and at the best prices in Turkey. Expenses change according to the individual case.
You can request your custom quotation by sending an order, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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