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Introduction to Dünyagöz Hospital 

Advantages of Dünyagöz Hospital Group

  • The largest private hospital group in the field of ophthalmology and eye surgery in Lasik
  • Medical staff, consisting of 120 employees. 19 specialized in ophthalmology
  • The latest laser vision technology, ideal for your eyes
  • The latest laser technology processed in the operating rooms
  • International quality certificates
  • Pioneer in innovation in medical services
  • Foremost in the field of ophthalmology and therapeutic tourism
  •  15years of accumulated experience, especially in the field of ophthalmology
  • Medical experienced staff, who provide services in 19 different languages, and a professional team trained in health tourism
  • Dünyagöz Hospital Group also in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Cologne and Hues den (Belgium)
  • The average laser eye treatment for foreign patients is approximately 2,000 people per month
  • Prayer rooms available in our hospitals
  • Pre-operation: Harp music to ease the tension and prepare you for the operation
  • Establish a 5 star standard for our foreign patients, taking into account their needs.
  • Individual packages and offers for medical and health tourism – especially for eye surgery and laser eye surgery
  • VIP transfer from / to the airport
  • Monitor and meet the needs in the mother tongue of the patient
  • Medical team who have entered their operations in the history of medicine, giving international medical seminars and publications in 19 different areas of eye and laser eye surgery
  • Experience with tens of thousands of successful laser eye surgery operations over the last 15 years
  • Professional framework of 1,000 specially trained employees in health services, as well as in the field of ophthalmic and laser operations

Laser technology for the eyes

  • Latest diagnostic and treatment equipment for your eyes
  • Latest laser treatment method iLASIK
  • Faco technique in operating theaters with cataracts, the latest generation of IQ lenses
  • Inspection devices, which are available only in a few centers in Turkey
  • The first and only center for diagnosis and treatment of conical corneal eye diseases only in Turkey


Dünyagöz Eye Group

Patients receive double protection at the same price and benefit through the contact of our clinics

Better terms of warranty

On request accommodation in the hotel or hospital

A medical team of surgeons with many years of experience

The team speaks Arabic German English French in Turkey

Provide additional services

We not only promise you high quality services and also the clinic has a TÜV NORD quality certificate In Germany and also in Istanbul

Benefits you get in the clinic as well as through our agency:

Dünyagöz Hospital Group, which has three quality certificates, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. Our clinic has been selected as one of the most famous of Europe. Strict hygiene regulations conform to international standards, which are by the way valid in Germany as well. The German TÜV safety standards are also inspected by the South, the clinic also received ISO quality seal as well as JCI certification.

Dünyagöz Hospital Group is the largest eye clinic and a total of 16 clinics in Istanbul. These clinics and other clinics can be found in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Gaziantep. The remaining clinics are in European countries such as Cologne, Holland, Belgium and London. At Dünyagöz Hospital, treatments are offered in 19 different languages. We include all the experience gained over the last 15 years.

The operations center in Frankfurt was also open since September 2011! In Frankfurt, Zeiss technology is used and can be used to treat all types of LASIK surgery!

The TÜV seal safety standards not only ensure strict regulations for cleanliness, but also guarantees you first-class facilities and highly experienced refractory surgeons. The clinics are also equipped with the latest laser technology.

The world’s leading Dünyagöz Hospitals Group is working with laser surgeons. Professor (yoannis  Balikares is) the inventor of LASIK procedure. He is a scientific advisor, as well as

medical director of Dünyagöz Hospital Group. We offer you exclusively with Arabic-speaking surgeons in the hospital Dünyagöz and if you wish you can be treated by the head of department and doctors. You can read more information about surgeons and their fun experience in the “View the Clinic” section.

Special Price – We also confirm that patients each month, receive special prices for treatment. Our prices include transfer costs (airport / clinic-hotel-airport) as well as tour of Istanbul. And all-round transportation service.

Medical Director of the Dünyagöz Group Dr. Balikares

Date of birth: Greece, 1947

Languages: English, Greek

Specialized training:

1972 Thessaloniki University, Greece

1980 University in Zurich, Switzerland

1986 Thessaloniki Hippocration Hospital

1988 Girit Chania Hospital – Director of Ophthalmology

1988 – Girit University – Professor of Ophthalmology

– 2008 Ain-Crete Institute (VEIC) – Founder and Director of Vardinoyiannion

2004 Heraklion University Eye Clinic Director

University of Girit – President of the University

Board of Directors

Specialized sections:

– Refractive Surgery

– Cataract (Gray Star)

– Laser

– Short sight (long-sighted girl)

Member of the:

– A simple one-year fellowship in refractive surgery at VEIC.

– Fellowship from 1998 to the present with: 8 ophthalmologists.

2 from Greece (1), from Bulgaria (1), from Palestine, 1 from Switzerland, 1 from Panama (1), from the United States of America.

– Coordinator and teacher of 5 days in the National Fellowship 2 days in refractive surgery. From 1999 to the present, 13 international and 7 international fellowships are organized with the participation of 59 ophthalmologists from Greece and 40 ophthalmologists from around the world.


– “The Charles D. Kilman Innovative Award”, American Society of White Water and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS).

– “Paracet Prize” / ISRS

– “Casebeer Award” by ISRS

– “Albrecht-von-Greif-Vorlesung” Award for a Lecture by the Innovator by Deutsche OphthalmoChirurge (DOC)

– Parakih KMSG Award

– ESCCR / ALCON Video Festival Award

– Top Technology INC, a leading award in refractive surgery

– Award of the American Academy of Achievement in Laayoune

– Award for the contribution of ophthalmology by the Greek Association of Ophthalmology

– Member of the Board of Directors of the European Society of White Water and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

– Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Vision Correction Surgeons (ISRS)

– Vice-President of the European Association of Ophthalmology

– Chairman of the Refraction Committee of the European Society of White Water and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

– Member of the ISRS Authentication Committee

– Chairman of the Board of International Training Center Subcommittee (ISRS)

– Honorary member of the International Microscopy Society

– President of ERELAS European laser refraction study

– PR-T PRK International Study Group

– Member of the Scientific Council of the International Iscolab MEDITEC,

– Founder and President of the Greek Refraction Society

– Honorary member of the Greek Association of Laser

– Honorary member of the Greek Glaucoma Society

– President of the Association of Ophthalmology Creti

– Chairman of the National Commission for Biotechnology Research in Greece

– 15 international awards, most notably the Paracet Prize of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (1997), most recently, Casebeer Award by ISRS (2002), Charles D. Kilman’s Innovative Lecture by ASCRS (2003) By Deutsche OphthalmoChirurgie DOC

Requirements for laser eye surgery in Istanbul and Antalya:

LASIK laser eye surgery must have several factors. Below we have created an integrated profile about them for you.

  • Astigmatism, not more than +6 or 6 refractive index of light
  • Myopia, not less than 0.75 or more than 14 refractive index of light
  • After viewing, up to 7 refractive light index
  • You must have a stable refractive error
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • No eye diseases (such as cataracts or blue water)
  • For allergic patients, surgery should be performed during a period of hypersensitivity – these are mainly allergies that have an effect on the eyes, for example hay fever
  • Treatment is not allowed during pregnancy and lactation!


section One

The Dünyagöz Group has three different quality certificates that will convince you. One of these is the seal of the German TÜV NORTH. With an experienced enterprise such as TÜV NORTH,. Even the most difficult to achieve seal TÜV is the certificate of the United States JCI (Joint Commission International). It is standard for all international clinics, whose standards are too broad to be met. Dünyagöz Clinic meets these requirements and is one of the largest and most modern eye clinics in Europe.

And TÜV DIN ISO 9001: 2008

Section II

“We are certified by!” TÜV NORTH

Our services and promises are also certified

The quality of our services has been tested in all areas of treatment (hair transplantation and laser eye surgery, as well as internal external audit in both Germany and Turkey.

All our patients have been contacted since 2008 who have received operations with various treatments by Northern TÜV and have participated in customer survey.

We have supported us by giving us 1-6 signs, as well as referring people.

We received a Northern TÜV certificate with very high degrees.

Our certificate number is: 44761120361

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