Laser vision correction


LASIK Correction Procedure

LASIK Vision Correction is a quantum leap in the treatment of vision defects and the removal of glasses and medical contact lenses forever

Vision deficits vary between myopia, sight length and astigmatism.

(Myopia  )Nearsightedness :

Myopia is the ability to see close objects clearly and the inability to see distant objects accurately enough and always be distant image confused and need to double the effort to see it with sufficient clarity. What makes the eye in a state of continuous stress and the patient suffers from chronic headaches and fatigue.

This defect usually occurs in pre-teen age and may worsen during adolescence. Diagnosis is made when the patient notices that he or she needs to close the book or laptop to see them clearly. For example, he needs to sit on the front seats in the classroom so that he can see the whiteboard clearly. Short sightedness directly affects his or her academic achievement. It is necessary to visit the eye doctor at this stage for the medical examination of the eye and then determine the severity of the patient’s attention and advice to wear glasses or medical lenses adhesive until the age of eighteen.




The length of sight is the opposite of myopia where one can see distant objects clearly and not see near objects clearly enough. Which may affect daily life and the patient suffers during reading and writing, for example. And of course he also suffers from chronic headaches and persistent stress. With the medical examination and eye examination, the eye doctor determines the length of vision and the extent of the patient’s need for glasses or lenses.


Astigmatism is also known as a focal point in which the patient sees all objects in a foggy and confused and lacks the accuracy required. The result of the uneven corneal cornea and then concentrated rays reflected in the eye on different parts and points within the retina, making the image shaky and distorted. Diagnosis is always done by eye examination with your ophthalmologist and rely on glasses and medical contact lenses as usual, which causes the patient to be very disturbed.

Wear glasses or medical contact lenses on a daily basis and permanently cause severe discomfort to the patient

But with the correction of laser vision defects can dispense glasses forever and to see life without a reflector or barrier.

What is the correction process for LASIK?

Laser is used to correct vision almost permanently and completely eliminate the glasses and medical lenses Adhesive LASIK is the latest technology in the treatment of vision defects that revolutionized the field of ophthalmology, where the technology used to use (laser) to make a change in the shape of the cornea, allowing the fall The image is on the retina and not behind it.

Beneficiaries of the LASIK Correction Process:

What is new in the correction of LASIK vision defects is that it makes people wearing glasses and medical lenses on a regular basis and provide them with a safe alternative to correct their eyes, and can treat the defects of vision, such as the length and shortness of vision and astigmatism.

How can I prepare for the Lasik correction process?

There are procedures that the patient must follow before performing a correction to consider LASIK to ensure the success of the process and without any side effects:

  1. The meeting of the consultant who examines the patient to ascertain his ability to undergo the operation.
  2. The ophthalmologist examines the eye thoroughly and includes the examination:
  3. Examination of eye area.
  4. Measurement of pressure inside the eye, to avoid the formation of blue water in the eye
  5. Examination of visual acuity.
  6. Examination of the bottom of the eye

. The stages of laser vision correction:

  1. The LASIK device is adjusted according to your viewing standards.
  2. Drips inside the local anesthetic eye.
  3. Use a special tool to sprain the eyelids and prevent their separation and is not painful.
  4. You will be asked to look at a glowing red light and to show your eyes on it.
  5. The process takes a few seconds.
  6. You will not feel any pain during surgery


Risks of LASIK correction during surgery:

Despite the rare occurrence of these side effects, but as any medical procedure can happen, so in order to maintain our credibility, we must inform you;

  1. Eye irritation
  2. Blurred vision, which happens in the early hours after LASIK but disappears after a few hours
  3. Night glare may appear but disappear after corneal healing is completed
  4. Sensitivity to light, may appear but disappear within hours and avoid wearing sunglasses

What should a patient do after a LASIK correction?

  1. After finishing the process the patient goes to his home, and it is good to sleep for several hours.
  2. Nothing prevents the patient from going to work the next day and driving during daylight hours.
  3. It is not recommended to drive the car at night during the first week after the end of the operation, due to a phenomenon called dazzling due to sensitivity of light.
  4. Your doctor may advise you to use antibiotic drops to prevent eye contamination.
  5. In most cases there is no pain in the eye, and if it took place can take painkillers

In the end, it should be noted that the vision will improve immediately after the operation and the improvement of the maximum limits within weeks, but the doctor may advise you to wear glasses for several weeks to adapt to the new situation.

# The stages of the process of correcting the vision of LASIK

1 / Determine and calculate your refractive error.

Here is a topographic map of the corneal surface made with WaveScan technology. This varies in shape from person to person. Therefore, this method is also called Custom Lasik. Then check for excretion of the lacrimal fluid.

2 / Define your refraction error

This procedure is done for you by an eye specialist. On examination, visual acuity is determined by the unit of sight and final measurements are made. This is done by studying a recent biomicroroscopic measurement such as eye pressure. And diseases such as. Diabetes, thyroid gland and high blood pressure are detected here.

3 / Check the front and rear part

This examination detects the pupil’s pupil expansion. This is not a complicated process; it will only instill a few drops of the eye. Please do not be afraid, it is possible that your eyes will burn you for a few minutes. This fades quickly. The back of the eye is viewed using a slit lamp microscope after 30 minutes of droplet development time. Here the retina, optic nerve and spot are examined. The examination of the anterior eye section is based on the cornea, the pupil of the eye and the lens.

Your treatment is customized according to digital representations and exam results – after consultation with your doctor.

LASIK process

After your hair and your shoes are covered with plastic hats and dope drops are given in the eyes, you can enter the laser room / operation center.

You can lie on the bed. After that, the eye area is sterilized with a special device between the eyelids, ensuring that the eye does not close instinctively during surgery.

From this point, each patient receives laser treatment, depending on the results of the initial examination. It is important to stay calm during treatment and follow your surgeon’s instructions. If you are very excited, you may prefer to take a calming of the nerves as a precaution, which you can ask before the operation by a nurse or doctor.

Treatment takes about 4-5 minutes per eye and is painless.

After treatment you can leave the operating room without wearing an eye bandage.

You can rest for half an hour in a nearby room after which the surgeon will check you again. Then you will be able to leave the clinic.

Your eyes will be a bit light-sensitive immediately after surgery. Thus we recommend that you take a pair of sunglasses with very good ultraviolet protection.

Please avoid driving the same day, working and dusty environments and not touching or rubbing the eye at all.

common questions

There will be a preliminary study at the clinic to find out if you are suitable for laser treatment?

 If you want to be seen at the clinic by an eye doctor in order to determine the suitability of your laser eye surgery, please contact us. Each patient receives a preliminary examination with the physician prior to any eye laser operation.

How do I know if you are suitable for laser treatment?

This is the decision that only the therapist can offer. However, so that you can be assured in advance if the visit is worthwhile for you, we can provide you with a number of

factors in determining laser eye surgery:

  1. Healthy eyes.
  • No infection
  • No cataracts or blue water
  • Eyes are not chronically dry
  • or other condition that would impede the healing process after laser eye operation.
  1. Must be at the minimum age of 18 years (for some 21-year procedures), the maximum age should be 60 years.
  2. No allergic, no immune disease. In these cases detailed consultations are needed because these allergies or immune diseases can reduce the chances of recovery.
  3. Fixed refractive errors – at least last year.
  4. Do not have your myopia less than minus 0.75 or more minus minus 14 refractive light
  5. After looking up to +7 refractive light index
  6. For pregnant or lactating women, levels of the hormone can affect the shape of the eye, so you should wait until a normal hormone level is reached. During pregnancy the operation is not possible.
  7. Astigmatism is not more than +6 or less than 6-refractive light index

Is laser eye correction safe?

There are general risks, as they do with each process. The FDA recognizes both LASIK and PRK as a safe and effective proven technique. The surgeon can turn off the laser at any time.

When can I work again?

After only three days of laser eye treatment you can return to work. Remember that everyone’s feelings are different, and if you still feel comfortable when you resume your activity. Experience in the past tells us that most people can return to normal working days after 1-2 days.

However, if you have a job that exposes you to dust or vapors for example from paints, we recommend that you take at least 1 week leave from work or wear goggles that have a tight strip.

Are there any side effects?

Eye dryness can occur, but eye drops can be treated quickly and easily. Moreover, it is possible for a few hours after a laser eye treatment, somewhat blurring the image (such as after wearing incorrect glasses). Soon after he disappears on his own.

If you notice, any of the side effects not described above, or maybe they last longer, please feel free to let us know or inform your ophthalmologist.

How long does laser treatment take?

The duration of the laser treatment depends on the size of the corneal patch. These results are taken correct condition of the previous results. Laser treatment lasts between 15-40 seconds according to your individual needs. The whole treatment takes about 4 minutes per eye. After that, you need a recovery period of about 30 minutes. Then you can leave the clinic again.

Is laser eye surgery painful?

You will receive eye drops that numb the eye. After the treatment and after the drug has disappeared, you may feel a slight feeling that there is a foreign body. Moreover, your eyes may be sensitive to sunlight, so we strongly recommend that you bounce off the sunglasses. This surgery leads to very little irritation.

Moreover, on the day of the operation you can experience a teary eyes, which is exactly the same feeling when you “cut onions”.

Are the results for laser eye treatment final to last a lifetime?

This has been examined in long-term studies. Results showed that treatment results were permanent. But that does not mean that you are excluded from the age of old age, which results from the natural course of aging. The disease affects the elderly, with healthy or short-sighted eyes and is completely independent of laser eye treatment, as well as other eye diseases, such as cataracts.

How many people have already performed laser eye surgery?

In the United States, there were more than 960,000 people who had laser eye surgery in 1999. In 2003 the number had already risen to 3,000,000.

Is the SUPRACOR procedure available at the Dünyagöz clinic?

SUPRACOR is used to treat eyesight against aging. This method is not implemented in the clinic Dünyagöz.

What happens if I move my head during laser eye surgery?

The clinics that we recommend to you all have the latest technology. The machines have an eye tracking system so that the laser device keeps track of your pupil and stops immediately with no dodge motion.

Do I need a referral from an ophthalmologist?

For your treatment in Istanbul you do not need referral from your ophthalmologist. However, you are welcome to seek preoperative advice with your ophthalmologist.

What kind of laser do you use?

Dünyagöz Hospital Group uses the latest technology in the market for laser eye surgery such as Vistar, Zeiss technology and WaveLight technology. After a detailed preliminary examination, the method that is most appropriate for you is determined.

Do we have to pay money in Istanbul in cash?

Yes, you will pay in Istanbul. However, you can also choose between cash payments, payment by debit card, or even a credit card (such as Visa or Mastercard). Please note that with payments by card there is an additional charge that can be added when using the card abroad. Please also note that credit cards usually have a maximum amount of what can be drawn daily. Please discuss this with your bank in advance.

Should I be aware of anything before / after laser eye treatment?

  • Your eyes will be light sensitive immediately after surgery. Thus we recommend that you take a pair of sunglasses with very good ultraviolet protection.
  • Please avoid driving the same day, working and dusty environments and not touching or rubbing the eye at all.
  • Do not wear soft contact lenses for 10 days before initial examination.

Solid contact lenses this period are three weeks!

  • Three days before surgery should not apply any makeup to the eyes!
  • Please check the validity of your ID / passport before traveling!

If you are an athlete, you can refer to the following guidelines:

  • After 1 day: work, jogging, walking, tennis, golf, fitness, aerobics, wearing ski and biking glasses
  • After 1 week: sun bed and sauna
  • After 2 weeks: swimming in the public baths
  • After 4 weeks: diving

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