The process of implanting chest hair for men

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The process of hair transplant men’s chest of the most important processes in the field of cosmetics, has been famous for these operations recently and received a very high degree of men, these operations did not stop to a certain extent, but continued to develop and increased the techniques that are carried out, and there are modern devices and very sophisticated used specifically in this field.

Hair transplantation in Turkey has not only stopped hair transplantation, but has also increased hair and chin hair growth for men, as well as eyelashes and eyebrow implants for men and women, and it is now possible to perform chest hair transplantation for men as well.

We may find a person who has been subjected to many deformities in his body, whether these injuries as a result of an accident or fire or other things, and this expose him to loss of hair and burning in some parts of his body as a chest, hence the cultivation of chest hair for men to solve these problems.

There are some men who find it difficult to have light chest hair, and this problem may increase a lot and cause stress and anxiety and psychological stress, and may cause them many psychological problems because they became dissatisfied with their bodies, and found some studies that show that A large proportion of women prefer men with thick hair in the chest area being a masculine appearance.

Therefore, doctors have developed hair transplantation, and men can now perform men’s chest hair transplantation or intensification.

Hair transplantation for men:

In hospitals contracted by Health Laguna, the hair transplantation of men’s chest hair is performed by removing the FUE. The doctor removes hair follicles from the hair area, which is often the back area of ​​the head or shoulder, where the follicles are characterized by this density, These follicles have strength and good health, to be able to grow after replanting.

The doctor then prepares these follicles well, and purifies them to choose the best ones and re-plant them again in the chest area and the area affected by the fall or deformities, and can be the same process in the area of ​​the forearms or legs, but in the end must ensure that these processes must take natural hair from The patient himself is doing it.

The duration of the operation varies depending on the case of each patient, as well as on the area of ​​the area to be cultivated, and the number of bulbs required for cultivation, but may have an average number of hours up to six hours and may increase up to nine hours.

Steps of hair transplantation process for men:

The hair transplantation process for men takes several basic steps:

• • An anesthesia stage where the doctor anesthetizes the donor area of ​​the bulbs, whether in the back area of ​​hair head or other, so that the doctor to take the bulbs in the manner of Alfio, a careful extraction and then anesthetize the area of ​​the chest to be planted.

• Next comes the stage of harvesting seedlings from the donor area for processing for agriculture.

• The stage of implantation of the bulbs and the implantation of the bulbs extracted in the chest area.

• After the operation of almost two days comes the stage of washing where you must follow all the instructions and instructions of the doctor, and these instructions in several tips, the most important not to carry something heavy and not to practice marital relationship as well as not to swim or smoking and the concession of alcoholic beverages.

Damage to hair transplantation of men’s chest:

The process of hair transplantation of men’s chest does not have any harm to the health of the patient, but it must be done by a doctor with the experience and efficiency of hair transplant operations, to determine the donor area and determine the best bulbs to be picked accurately, and to determine the number of sufficient to grow the area clearly, but May have some minor complications vary from one case to another according to the doctor’s efficiency and experience and the nature of the patient and his condition and the extent of his response to the doctor’s instructions.

The patient may be exposed after the process of hair transplant chest of men for some of the symptoms such as itching or scars or may occur some bleeding is simple and must follow the doctor in all these things.

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