Bone marrow transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation:

Is the process of replacing the bone marrow unable to perform its functions as a result of illness or the result of receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy bone marrow healthy and able to produce blood cells? The new spinal cord is inserted through the venous catheter

Turkey offers a range of effective treatments from blood marrow and bone marrow transplantation. God is in modern medical facilities offering the latest medical technology in agriculture.

Turkey’s leading transplant hospitals and clinics provide comprehensive treatments for blood diseases and other simple and complex operations.

Bone marrow transplantation surgery can be used to treat patients with immunodeficiency and congenital inherited diseases.

Each center has a full team of doctors consisting of a team of nurses and other cancer care staff, psychologists and also specialists with special expertise in bone marrow transplantation and other transplantation treatments.

 Bone marrow transplant surgery aims to replace damaged bone marrow in bone cavities with a healthy marrow with stem cell bone marrow cells

Bone marrow transplantation is also a way to treat certain forms of leukemia and lymphoma, including other diseases such as anemia and other metabolic diseases

There are three main ways to grow bone marrow

  1. Bone marrow transplantation involves the removal of stem cells before receiving a high dose of chemotherapy or radiation. After completion of radiation therapy, stem cells are placed back into the patient’s body.
  2. Bone marrow transplantation by removing stem cells from live donor. In most cases, the donor must have the same genetic makeup of the patient.
  3. Transplant cord blood by removing the umbilical cord of the newborn immediately after birth. Stem cells are then stored for future need.
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