Kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation:

Kidney transplantation is the best treatment for patients with chronic kidney failure. Patients who have lost at least 80% of kidney function need to be routinely washed for kidneys to survive

 Dialysis provides lifelong support to many patients, yet it can cause other health problems and affect the patient’s social life

Kidney transplantation at Medical Park Hospital improves the patient’s health and social life by providing the kidneys given to function normally. But kidney transplantation is not suitable for all patients with renal failure. Some tests and medical tests should be conducted to find out if the patient is a person qualified for kidney transplantation

Laws of kidney transplantation in Turkey

Turkey’s organ transplant laws stipulate that the donor must be a relative of the fourth-degree patient at least to approve the procedure. Organ donors are not provided in Turkey.

The patient must bring a donor close to the fourth grade with him to Turkey to perform organ transplants.

It is also necessary for the patient to submit documents proving his relationship with the donor. The kidney transplant specialists in Turkey have the latest equipment to treat a range of kidney diseases including acute renal failure, known as the stage of final renal failure.

One advantage of kidney transplantation in Turkey is lower costs. Patients with renal failure need to undergo regular dialysis, resulting in increased cost to the patient.

The dialysis is intended to remove the blood from the patient with renal failure and wash it so the dialysis treatment is an artificial means using a mechanism similar to the mechanism of the natural kidney in maintaining the limits of the natural concentration of blood, the axis of this in all cases is the principles of chemical spread through semi-permeable membranes, polarization And concentration differences.

Compared to other organ transplants such as heart, lung and liver transplantation, kidney transplantation is relatively simple and easy. Kidney transplantation is the second most common transplant surgery in the United States.


Conditions for successful kidney transplantation

Living donor (family member)

The donor blood type is compatible with the patient

The basic pathways in kidney transplantation are very similar to those used in blood transfusions.

Blood cell matching: Terms of blood cell matching for kidney transplantation There are four main types of human blood. These are simply a type of blood type A, B, AB and O. Another factor, a major factor called Rh, adds the positive or negative of these blood clots, so that each of us has a blood type such as A or B + and so on.

However, the positive or negative factor is not only related to a particular cell type in the blood and this factor is not part of the kidney. Thus, a positive or negative blood type is not related to the kidney matching between donor and kidney patient.

The patient with the blood type O can only get the kidneys from a donor with the blood type O. The patient with blood type A may receive the kidneys from the donor blood type O or A. A blood type B patient can get the kidneys from blood donor B or C., The recipient with AB blood type can receive a blood type of any kind.

Tissue matching: The closer we are to the degree of matching between donor and recipient tissue, the longer the kidneys are grown. A 0 kidney has a 40 percent more chance of living (for 5 years) than a mismatch 4-6. Tissue matching factor is very important in total cases transferred from a deceased donor.

However, in cases of alternative kidney transplantation (couples and non-relatives), tissue matching is not very important, since the patient has no other choice. Using a method to measure the body’s immune system activity known as PRA, doctors can recognize HLA before the pre-total button operation.

PRA may grow due to pregnancy or to a previous transplant. These HLA antibodies should be recognized prior to kidney transplantation. If the attempt to identify these antibodies fails, a rejection of the kidney may occur. These antibodies can be reduced with medical treatment.

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