Steps of treatment in the way of babies tubes

Steps of treatment in the way of babies tubes:

First :

When a couple is subjected to the process of the tubes, we must conduct certain tests for the husband and wife to ascertain the existence of reasons to impede pregnancy and know if there can be treated in simpler ways of the children of the tubes and these tests include blood test, ‘examination of the uterus, and animals, and the fallopian tube.

Second :

The process of activating the ovaries to produce oocytes suitable for use in the process of the children of the tubes, giving us the opportunity to collect as many eggs as possible in a single session. It should be noted that ovarian activating drugs have nothing to do with ovarian cancer.

Observation of oocytes by the vaginal ultrasound device to determine the size of the egg, the number of eggs produced, and prevent any complications that may occur and usually if the patient did not adhere to continuous follow-up as determined by the treating physician.

Third :

Oocyte withdrawal is a minor operation where the eggs are withdrawn from the mother’s body after giving the drugs. If the woman did not produce enough eggs or the eggs were empty, the process of the IVF was delayed.

It should be noted that not all of the follicles that are pulled out of the tube process contain oocytes and that 70-80% of them only contain oocytes.

Fourthly :

Preparation of sperm either by giving the sample in a normal way (ejaculation) or in other ways. In other words, sperm cells must be killed next to the eggs. For the success of the process of the tubes, one egg in the process of the babies needs 10,000-100.000 sperm. This is different from the injection.


Injection and fertilization: The sperm and eggs taken together in the same container are taken in a similar environment. The sperm then tries to penetrate the egg wall to fertilize the egg after placing it in the incubator. If the success rates of this method are weak for one reason or another, Microscopy which we will talk about later.


In the process of the children of the tubes after the fertilization of the egg and its division is incubated egg fertilized to be divided and become an embryo, at this stage of the children of the tubes if the couple suffer from genetic diseases there is a technique to examine the genetic material of embryos in search of some genetic diseases have been identified genetic material and this is Before reaching the process of re-embryos in the babies of the tubes.


Embryo transfer: the last step of the steps of the children of the tubes where it is usually in the day 3-5 days of egg fertilization transfer embryos to the mother’s womb through a laboratory tube high through the cervix into the uterine cavity. In the process of transferring embryos into the womb of the mother, More than one fetus was transferred unless the couple produced only one embryo.

Search for the eggs in the follicular fluid after withdrawing from the patient during the process of pulling the eggs

Preparation of agricultural media containers for embryo conservation

Specialized incubators equipped with carbon dioxide for implantation of embryos

Evaluation and treatment of semen prior to injection

Preparation of agricultural media

Measure and check the percentage of carbon dioxide in the incubator



What are the side effects experienced by the couple during the operation of the tubes:

First: during the process of activating the ovaries

1 – hyper-response to the ovary: which is when giving stimulants to prepare for the process of the children of the tubes is by activating the link between the pituitary and hypothalamus with the ovary to have a response to ovaries more than expected and less than 10% of all cases of activation, whether for children pipe or any other method Of the methods of assisted pregnancy only 1% of the cases need to be cared for within the hospital, and the patient suffers from:

. The mother is sharply below the abdomen.

. The desire to vomit.

. Lack of urinary incontinence.

. Breathing difficulty .

. Increase weight in a few days.

. Inhalation of fluids in the abdomen or lungs.

Second: side effects during the process of withdrawal of oocytes for the process of children of the tubes and beyond:

. Side effects of anesthesia itself.

. Simple mother down the abdomen.

. Bleeding in the abdomen or outside.

. Inflammation in the region or in the upper genital canal.

. A hole in the bowel or bladder during the extraction process.

* The incidence of these symptoms reaches less than a patient with a thousand that may need surgical intervention to solve the problem.

Third: In the case of the failure of the process of the children of the tubes suffer the couple of frustration and loss of material and may enter into a state of depression or psychological pressure.

How do you know the wife of pregnancy after the completion of the operation of the tubes?

After two weeks of reintroduction, a hormonal examination of L-ml should be performed and if it is positive after another week, the pregnancy can be seen with a sag.

What are the success rates of the pipeline process?

The ratios depend on several factors including:

  1. The wife’s age
  2. The type of eggs obtained and the type of sperm and the success rates of the process of pipe children are divided as follows:

(41-43) for women under the age of 35 years. Our success rates (65-75%)

(33-35) for women between the ages of 37-35 years. Our success rates (50-55%)

(23-27) for women aged 38-40 years. Our success rates (30-35%)

(13-18) after the age of 41. Our success rates (20-22%)

In addition, the results were as follows: The higher the percentage of embryo transfer, the greater the chances of success of the process of the children of the tubes at the same time increase the pregnancy rate more than the fetus, and therefore the proportion of abortions larger.


Other factors that control the success rate of the pipeline process include:

  1. Deformity of embryos where the deformed embryos usually do not stick to the uterine wall.
  2. Internal lining of the uterus and the extent of its preparation to receive embryos.

 What happens if ovulation occurs within the body before the doctor collects mature eggs?

The answer is that either the entire process is postponed to the next cycle, or if the fallopian tubes are open, the IVF procedure described above can be performed.

Madam, After the operation, you can return to normal life, noting that you do not do chores. Traveling by car or plane is permitted, and usually you should consult your doctor. You can also have intercourse with your husband after 10 days in a normal way.

Some of the factors that may give an idea of ​​the success rates of the process of pipeline children before going into them, including:

– Inert vesicles in the ovaries.

– Semen analysis and sperm quality.

– hormone ratio (AMH).

– Smoking.

– Body area and fat percentage of area.

– The removal of the uterine tubes that suffer from infections and the absorption of fluids inside before entering the experience of the children of the tubes helps raise the success rate of the process.

– Number of embryos transferred in the process of children of one tube.

– Some autoimmune diseases may reduce success rates

Some techniques raise the success rate of the process of tube children

– Wall hole processes of embryos:

– Luteal phase, by giving certain drugs that increase endometrial support and support embryo implantation in the lining such as progesterone and support the initial genetic stage (ie support for the yellow body).

These are some of the techniques that can raise the success rates of pipe children, taking into account that there is nothing guaranteed in the treatment of infertility, but there is one thing guaranteed is your concern and preserve your privacy and our commitment to complete confidentiality We cherish your confidence always go without despair tomorrow tomorrow may send threads Hope and optimism We always wish you success.


And always remember:

We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to inquire about everything that is going on with your thoughts and discuss any circumstances that arise before or during the treatment period.

Dear readers:

Science and its infinite developments have solved a very complex problem: the number of sperm in a man is so low that it was previously thought impossible to treat. Today, there is a way to overcome this difficult problem and we will remind you here in a simple scientific way of some important details. This method is called microscopy

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