Facts about rheumatism , arthritis and joint replcment

Facts about rheumatism , arthritis and joint replcment

Arthritis and rheumatism are the most common diseases. Many of the patients lose their ability to work and produce, but may also cause a complete disability. Rheumatism is different in children, including in adults, and may vary among women, including men, as well as may vary from geographical to other, and some of them spread and increase in some societies and less in some other societies.

Some of these diseases are known causes and are easy to prevent and treat possible and easy and some are still unknown and is still treated to alleviate the activity of the disease and relieve symptoms and reduce the ability, and often the treatment of these new diseases requires a lot of precision and follow-up from the doctor, Patient patience and compliance with the doctor’s instructions in order to control the symptoms of this disease and treatment.

The word rheum, from which rheumatism is taken, means greek water flow into the tissues of the whole body. The concept of rheumatism is a science in itself. Many of these diseases are also mentioned here. They are not limited to the joints, but often affect the organs and tissues such as the heart Kidneys, digestive system, brain, blood cells, eyes and others.

Diagnosis of these diseases requires questioning the patient and knowing the history of the disease and the beginning of the disease and the condition of the patient and the family and family also requires a clinical examination and accurate identification of the source of pain and injury, and in many cases the patient needs to conduct a series of laboratory tests and several of some of the images of radiation and others.

In general, more than 80% of people over the middle of age may be considered to have multiple or more malformed bones. It also causes the lining of the articular cartilage to enlarge, resulting in inflated joints and large joints such as knees. The joints of the hips that are the most common joints are affected by these diseases, and the most common symptoms are severe pain and difficulty of joint movement often.

The other type of rheumatoid disease is rheumatoid arthritis, which is an arthritic disease that often affects women and leads to arthritis, especially small joints such as the joints of the hands and feet with swelling, accompanied by stiffness of the joints may last for several hours.

There is also gouticular arthritis that starts with the infection of the joints of the foot and especially in middle-aged men and is linked to nutrition and obesity, and there is a role of the genetic factor in this type of arthritis.

The most important and fundamental thing that I would like to mention is that over the past ten years there has been a tremendous development in our understanding of the nature of these diseases. There has been a tremendous development in the treatments used to treat these patients, Quality and strength in the treatment of diseases of rheumatism, which has been difficult treatment, and many of the diseases respond significantly to these treatments and give great hope to many patients in control of their diseases and give them hope to live normal life.

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