Methods Techniques used in hair transplantation in Turkey

Methods Techniques used in hair transplantation in Turkey:


It is now known that there has become more than one method and more than one technique in hair transplantation in Turkey and summarized them accordingly

Cultivation of hair-powered robot pens Choi. DHI.

  • Cultivation of hair by the modern technology of Pir Kutan very advanced in the implantation of bulbs.
  • Modern FUE hair transplantation.
  • Nano FUE hair transplantation is the choice of bulbs that load more bristles.
  • Cultivation of hair using Android technology is very advanced and accurate in its operation.
  • Hair transplantation using the old FUT technology, which has been completely dispensed with to provide the latest and more advanced technology.

FUT is the oldest in the field of hair transplantation and has been largely used today, but is still used in many European countries as well as in the United States of America. The most prominent problem of this process is that it leaves a clear scar of the patient in the area of ​​the donor area, which was extracted from the bulbs, and recovery from them takes some time.

While the technique of picking FUE is the latest technology in the field of hair transplant, which is currently accepted by many, and has formed a very strong competitor to the previous technology and this is due to many factors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Hair is extracted from the donor area in the technique of extraction FUE through the work of small-sized drilling and this will not leave a scar as clear as the technique of the slide.
  • Do not cause little pain.
  • Speed ​​healing stage of hair transplantation process.

Hair transplantation today in Turkey is carried out through the best centers and the use of the latest technologies FUE technique, DHI technique, Berkutan technology and robot technology, which makes it a favorite of many.



Latest hair transplantation techniques in 2018:

  • DHI / CHOI PEN in hair transplantation. (PERKUTAN Hair Transplant Technology).
  • Modern FUE technique in hair transplantation. (
  • Old FUT technique in hair transplantation. (
  • ARTAS robot technology in hair transplantation. ().
  • Cell cell technology in hair transplantation. (
  • Nano Fue technique for hair transplantation
  • Hair transplant without shaving
  • Electra Slate extraction technique in hair transplantation
  • OSL technology for hair transplantation
  • BIOFIBRE Italian hair transplant technology.
  • NEOGRAFT technique in hair transplantation
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