Plastic surgery for bone malformations

Plastic surgery for bone malformations


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 When we talk about plastic surgery for orthopedic deformities, it is important to know that it is very important that this surgery always has a medical and functional purpose to improve the function of the malformed organs, and we rarely perform cosmetic repairs only, but always look first at the functional goal. For example, Having a cosmetic dimension but always accompanied by a functional dimension, the patient who complains of deformity in his hand always suffers from a functional shortage in the use of hand for his daily needs.

The goal is primarily to improve the function of the hand and fingers, but when we perform the process accurately and skill, it also improves the shape and appearance of that hand.


And the surgery of deformity foot deformity is to remove the lame and improve the movement of the patient and avoid the pain in the future but at the same time improve the appearance of defective foot, and the deeper the purpose of the functional repair of the deformity whenever we get a better view of that deformation On the other hand this type of restoration processes and cosmetic parties are always sensitive and accurate Deep surgery Rehabilitation and beautification of the sight of the foot of a child of five months needs to open the foot and heel from most quarters and modify all the distortions that exist by the length of the tendons and the opening of multiple joints in the foot and heel and removal of internal palms Description joints Regularly physiological jealousy and this delicate work has a small foot, nerves and blood vessels in front of the surgeon in all steps of this delicate and sensitive process.


On the other hand, the deformities in the limbs always require extensive study of each individual case before the process and determine the course of modification, and always the surgeon looks at the future outcome of this process so that the result is best and therefore must be a surgeon specialized in this area and sensitive and accurate and trained In a specialized orthopedic surgery center. It is interesting that most of the procedures to modify and beautify the limbs are for children and a little for adults and for this most of these distortions are within the jurisdiction of pediatric bone surgery and deformities.


It should be noted that the specialization of orthopedic surgery includes all parts of the upper and lower limbs and spine and rarely need specialist orthopedic surgeon to help him another surgeon of other specialties to modify or beautify the distorted party. Fortunately, the surgery of the deformities of the limbs if performed correctly, the results are impressive and wonderful and most often there is no effect of deformation in the future life of the patient ..

Treatment of bone and joint diseases by activated plasma cell


 Platelet Rich Plasma is a modern technique used to treat many conditions and to accelerate healing of injuries and tendon infections, ligament and muscle rupture, wear of cartilage and joint friction, without exposure to risk. Activated platelets release healing proteins called growth factors that accelerate tissue activity and healing. It also stimulates the splitting of stem cells, which are primitive cells that have the ability to divide and multiply to give different types of specialized cells such as cartilage and other cells. These stem cells are responsible for regenerating damaged cells resulting in the production of new cells self-renewing the tissues, promoting new vascular growth and stimulating wound healing. This technology therefore provides a strong mix of growth factors, which in turn means that tissue builders will be greatly enhanced. PRP-treated diseases: chronic tendonitis, such as tendon and golfer’s elbow, Trigger Finger, biceps, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, and other chronic tendon infections , Where the technology of activated plasma therapy is very effective in the treatment and accelerate the healing of this inflammation, and unlike the injection of cortisone there is no collateral damage, such as weakness or cut in the strings. Injuries to ligaments and acute muscles: such as torsion or rupture of ankle ligaments and partial rupture of cruciate ligaments in the knee and others. Surgical operations: such as repair and repair of torn shoulder ligaments, tracheal ligaments or repair of the cruciate ligament, the location of the affected area is surgically injected with activated plasma to accelerate recovery and healing of the rupture. Dislocated cartilage and friction joints such as knee joint, ankle, shoulder and others. The method and duration of treatment This technique to separate a sample of the blood of the patient in special tubes for this purpose and put this blood in the centrifuge, which separates the red blood cells from the plasma, and thus get a plasma rich in platelets, then the doctor inject this rich plasma With platelets in place where it needs to be re-energized and speeded up and this process takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes. The patient is expected to feel some pain or swelling in the first 72 hours after the injection, but it is usually possible, and is easily controlled with pain relievers or cold compresses. These symptoms often disappear completely within 4-5 days. Most chronic tendon infections require a single syringe to heal, and arthritic diseases usually require more than one syringe (3 to 4 syringes), between each syringe and the other between 2 and 4 weeks. (The most famous golfers), Kobe Bryant (NBA player), Alex Rodriguez, and many other sports professionals whose injuries have been successfully treated by this technique and their return to exercise quickly. Many chronic arthritis diseases, and there are still several studies in the way To help further improve treatment and increase its effectiveness….

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